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New Delhi, India

3 - 8 August 2014


The GLOBE Program Office, GLOBE India and the GLOBE Asia and Pacific Region are pleased to announce the next GLOBE Learning Expedition and Annual Partner Meeting are to be held in New Delhi, India, on 3 - 8 August 2014. We encourage all GLOBE student teams to begin to plan now for their research presentations. The GLE will provide an excellent venue for GLOBE students from around the world to interact with scientists and with each other. In addition to student presentations, there will be field activities, student art displays and cultural events. Student delegations and their supervisors may take part in optional tours beginning on 9 August 2014. More information on optional tours can be found below.

The GLOBE Partner Meeting will be held on August 3, while the inaugural meeting of the newly formed GLOBE Working Groups will be held on August 2, both at the Hotel Mapple Emerald, New Delhi.  Agendas for the meetings will be posted here shortly.


Letter of Invitation to the GLOBE Community:  Click here.

Theme: GLOBE for Sustainable Communities (with a water quality focus).


Four strands within this water theme are:

1. Water Quality (hydrology measurements)
2. Watersheds and Water Supply (precipitation, water bodies)
3. Hydrologic Cycle (precipitation, soil moisture, soil, surface and air temperatures, land cover-transpiration)
4. Water Quantity and Climate


The goal of the 2014 GLE is to provide an opportunity for the worldwide GLOBE student community to learn from each other and strengthen GLOBE student understanding of Earth science through data collection and research activities around the world.


The event has the following objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity for GLOBE students and teachers to showcase their research using GLOBE data;
  • To provide GLOBE students and teachers an opportunity to learn from and interact with top level scientists;
  • To strengthen and engage the worldwide GLOBE school network by sharing examples from the GLE;
  • To provide a platform for the GLOBE community to share information on how to leverage the GLE and other community events for the betterment of the GLOBE Program.

Date and Venue:

The GLE will occur from 4 to 8 August, 2014 (The Annual Partner Meeting will be held on 3 August, GLOBE Working Groups Meeting will be held on August 2)
The venue will be:
Hotel Mapple Emerald, Rajokri NH-8, New Delhi, India; in close proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India.

GLE Program (Agenda)

A draft Program for the GLE is available here. Please note this is still a draft.


The following activities will be carried out during the event:

  • Inaugural meeting of the GLOBE Working Groups (to be held on 2 August 2014)
  • GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting (to be held on 3 August 2014)
  • Research presentations by GLOBE students and teachers
  • Keynote addresses by distinguished scientists, educators and supporters of GLOBE
  • Cultural activities by GLOBE Students*
  • Eco-Engineered Products Show (click here for details)
  • Poster presentations by GLOBE Students
  • Hands-on demonstrations of GLOBE protocols and activities
    * more information of these activities to be provided.


Submission of Paper and Poster Abstracts:

Paper and poster abstracts should be submitted to your Country Coordinator for review; in the event that your country does not have a Country Coordinator, abstracts should be submitted for review to your Regional Office representative. Find your regional and country page here. If your Country Coordinator is organizing a competition, he/she will be able to provide you with additional details. Unless your Country Coordinator notifies you differently, all participants are responsible for submitting their paper and poster abstracts, by 15 June 2014, to the Asia and Pacific Regional Office via email: <>. For consistency purposes, we ask all participants to submit their abstracts and papers following the GLE Student Investigation Report Format guidelines. All papers accepted reviewed by country coordinators or regional office representatives will be printed in the online conference proceedings, available after the event.

Important information about Research Papers and Posters:

Participants are responsible for bringing their own printed poster; poster pins will be supplied. The size allowed for each poster is approximately 91 cm (36 in.) high by approximately 120 cm (48 in.) wide. All participants should bring their presentation on a thumb drive or laptop which will be transferred to a conference laptop for collection and their complete research report to reference as needed.


Visa and Vaccinations:

GLE participants are requested to contact the Indian Consulate in their country regarding Visa requirements. Specifics about visa applications in your country should be available through an internet search. A good site to begin with is from the Bureau of Immigration. Two invitation letters (as one pdf document) in support of your visa application are available here. If you require a personalized letter, please contact Ms. Katy Lackey at the GLOBE Program Office at

Vaccinations will be required for most attendees.  Make an appointment with your health care provider as soon as possible.  Some vaccinations require a series of shots or medicine to be taken prior to travel.  For more information, view this document: Health and Vaccination Information for Travel to India.


Indira Gandhi International Airport is the airport that attendees should fly into.  More information can be obtained at this link: Indira Gandhi International Airport


The basic unit of currency in India is the Indian rupee (INR), abbreviated Re (singular), Rs (plural) or by the Indian rupee symbol ₹. The rupee is divided into 100 paise (or the singular version paisa). Either is typically abbreviated with a p (e.g., 10p). See the Reserve Bank of India for more information.

It is suggested that you enter India with some amount of rupees. Currency exchange offices are available at the Indira Gandhi International Airport as well as many airports en route to New Delhi.

Maintaining a handle on expenses is always good practice. Feel free to use this monetary converter tool, developed by GLOBE Trainer Thomas Hunt.

Registration fees:

Registration fees are listed in the table below. More information on registration fee payment options will be provided soon. Return to this page soon for more information.

Registration Fee USD
Participant Registration $225
Participant Spouse $175
GLOBE student and/or teachers accompanying student teams $100


Each registration will incur an additional $3.50USD event fee (this fee is charged by the online registration site) plus a 3.95% payment processing fee. 

The registration fee will include the following:

  • Transportation to and from GLE venue from Delhi International Airport
  • Field visits, excursions, banquets, cultural program
  • Participation in GLE, display of exhibits, GLE poncho
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments for 6 days
  • Registration material, conference bag, pen, pad and GLOBE memento

    All other costs (transportation to/from your home country, extra days not associated with GLE, etc.) are the responsibility of participants.

    Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel your registration on or before 10 July 2014, you will be refunded your total registration cost.  Cancellations on or after 10 July 2014 will be refunded at 50% of the registration cost.  Cancellations on or after 29 July 2014 are not eligible for a refund.



Lodging has been negotiated for GLE participants at the following locations:

Hotel Saptagiri*  $60USD (single occupancy)  $60USD (double occupancy)  $70USD (triple occupancy)

Mapple EmeraldFULL $90USD (single occupancy)  $100USD (double occupancy) $115USD (triple occupancy) $130USD (quad occupancy)

Radisson Blu Hotel*   $130USD (single occupancy) $150USD (double occupancy)

Additionally, limited accommodation will be available at the International Youth Hostel*, rates will vary from  $5USD per bed per night to $25USD for a double room per night. For this option, please contact The Indian Environmental Society directly at :<> with your request.

   * Rates quoted are for the room and include breakfast and taxes.  Room pricing could change based on currency rate fluxuations.

Hotel accommodations can be booked during the GLE Reigstration Process.  You will receive a confirmation within 24 to 48 hours. 


Post-GLE Excursions:

We expect that many GLE participants will want to remain in India after the GLE to visit some of the natural, historical and cultural sites of this fascinating country. To help you accomplish this goal, information for several travel agencies* is posted below. Please contact the agencies directly:


Government of India, Ministry of Tourism

Globe Travels India 

(GLOBE Travels India is an independent travel agency in India and is not affiliated with The GLOBE Program.) SPACE AVAILABLE



Specially created group tours for GLE participants beginning on 9 August. SPACE AVAILABLE



In addition, the following links provide information to assist you in preparing for your trip to India.

India Travel Wikipedia

National Geographic India Guide

Explore Rural India


* Please note: Listed travel agencies and informational sites are not connected to, nor endorsed by, The GLOBE Program.