The GLOBE Science and Education Program

The GLOBE Program enables you and your class to engage in a collaborative, scientific exploration of the world around you, collaborating with other teachers and students from around the world. The GLOBE Website provides access to materials to engage your students in science and scientific discovery. The centerpiece of the GLOBE science and education components have traditionally been the GLOBE Teacher's Guide. These components have been divided between the Teaching & Learning and Explore Science tabs. The measurement protocols and associated learning activities exist on the Explore Science tab, while the Implementation Guide, Elementary GLOBE, access to workshops and materials, ways to integrate GLOBE throughout the curriculum, and links to assessment tools and learning standards exist here, on the Teaching & Learning tab.


Other Resources

Materials for Teaching & Learning
In addition to the scientific protocols and learning activities of the GLOBE investigations, located under "Explore Science", the GLOBE Program provides many other resources to assist educators.  Some of these materials include the Earth System Science Poster, videos of GLOBE and the Sounds of GLOBE.

Inquiry-Based Instruction
Inquiry-based instruction is the foundation of GLOBE - encouraging students to act like scientists by deriving a question, designing and carrying out investigations, and communicating their results.

Assessment Tools
GLOBE provides sample student assessment tools and frameworks to provide both teachers and students with evidence about progress on GLOBE program goals.

Learning Standards
Learning standards refers to academic standards applied to education content, particularly in primary and secondary education.  Standards are set at international, national, and local levels.

Professional Development Resources
Interested in learning more?  GLOBE provides workshops to train teachers, as well as hosts webinars to update the community on recent and upcoming activities and events.

Elementary GLOBE

Elementary GLOBE is designed to introduce K-4 students to the study of Earth System Science. The complete instructional unit includes science-based storybooks designed to introduce students to key concepts in water, soil, clouds, seasons and Earth system studies as well as classroom learning activities complementing the science covered in each storybook. An Implementation Guide is available to assist educators in integrating Elementary GLOBE into the K-4 curriculum. Check out one of the books linked below.

GLOBE Across the Curriculum

GLOBE provides students with a more integrated view of the various subjects they study and supports curricula interconnections in all areas. Interdisciplinary GLOBE projects have included science, mathematics, technology, geography, social studies, language, culture, art, music, physical education, cross-age collaborations, service learning projects, life-long learning opportunities and community involvement. For more information and ideas on connecting GLOBE to your curriculum, visit one of the links below.