The GLOBE International Scientists' Network (GISN)

The GLOBE International Scientists' Network (GISN) is an international network of scientists that work with GLOBE students around the world conducting science. Scientists mentor students and teachers, present scientific ideas, and/or collaborate on scientific research. Each relationship between a scientist and a GLOBE school is unique, and is determined by the scientist and the school.  This relationship can be established in different ways.

Why scientists participate in GLOBE

1. Scientists working with GLOBE have a strong desire to mentor and inspire young minds by interacting with the next generation.

2. GLOBE has a scientific database extending over 20 years with data in most earth system science research areas that can be used to supplement standard research data.

3. GLOBE students can collect additional data related to your research expanding your observation network. Propose a Field Campaign!

4. The international nature of GLOBE provides a unique opportunity to add or establish an international component to your research. 

5. GLOBE students want to be a part of real-world, cutting edge science that matters to them, their community and scientists. GLOBE scientists contribute to science education in a unique way that can have a lasting impression on student interest in science, as well as scientific literacy.

Interested in joining this network?  Find out how to become a GLOBE scientist!