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Welcome to the Near East and North Africa Region page

Visit the GLOBE Near East and North Africa Regional Website 

The primary role of each Regional Coordination Office is to conduct support services to the countries in their respective region, rather than have this support stem solely from the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO). In general, each GLOBE Regional Coordination Office is responsible to provide the following services:

  • Help Desk and basic support services to all community members in the region;
  • Sustainability through identification and generation of external funding from sources within and outside of the region;
  • Translation of relevant GLOBE and GIO communications and regionally-produced materials in the languages of the region if needed, and dissemination of information to community members;
  • Recruitment of community members in existing countries and identification and assistance of recruitment of new countries in the region in collaboration with the GIO Director (or designee); 
  • Logistical organization of regional student research campaigns and any other events (including the Annual Region Meeting) as outlined and agreed upon by the Regional Governance Board or advisory committees;
  • Building and collaborating with the region's Alumni and Scientist Network; and
  • Record keeping and evaluation reporting as required by the GIO.

Travelers of Science and Environment Centre
Based on the Ministry of Education in providing interesting and suitable learning environment for students , the travelers program provided an opportunity for students to learn about their natural environment , and learning outside the school walls by applying GLOBE Program protocols and the use of modern equipment available in the GLOBE Center to study the characteristics Physical , chemical and biological to these islands. The Kingdom of Bahrain is composed of a number of islands and some of them far from the mother island, as many people did not know about it and its advantages and characteristics. The Science centre aims to facilitate the delivery of information to students through the practical application of what they learn in school , leading to improve the level of process learning and scientific research among students .  >>

Training Workshops for both Students and teachers
Basic GLOBE Protocols training workshops were implemented to students and teachers for different level students. Workshop was held on 30th September 2014, on different investigation areas  >>


This school year a new activity is going to be held in the Desert environment and the effectiveness on the environment, as activities will largely focus on the wildlife in the local Desert in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as the characteristics of this environment.  >>

science camp
Train participants on the scientific research in an interesting non-traditional ways  >>

Organization Measurements and Accomplishments


  • 496 Teachers
  • 109 Pre-Service Teachers
  • 791,193 Data Entries
  • 562 Schools
  • 33,121 Students
  • Recognition
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