Current Global Field Measurement Campaigns and IOPs


Browse our active field measurement campaigns/Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs) and start collaborating with students, teachers, and scientists around the world. Available at both regional and global scales, we host a variety of different initiatives to foster cooperation between the GLOBE community and professional scientists. All of our campaigns and IOPs take an inquiry-based approach to research that emphasizes hands-on learning and authentic science experiences.

Whether you're ready to jump in as a citizen scientist or want to integrate an initiative's protocols into a class project, GLOBE Field Campaigns & IOPs are a great way to discover Earth's biggest mysteries. Learn more about our current global projects below.


GLOBE Campaigns and IOPs

Select a campaign below to learn more about how you can continue to contribute to each initiative:

Urban Heat Island Effect-Surface Temperature Intensive Observation Period

Led by the University of Toledo, the Urban Heat Island Effect-Surface Temperature IOP focuses on studying the impacts of urbanization on Earth's temperature. By comparing the surface temperatures of different types of land cover in your area, scientists can start to determine how land cover influences the various interactions in our atmosphere.

In this IOP, students can set up comparative measurement sites between paved and grassy areas, terrestrial and aquatic area, or any other area of contrasting land cover.

Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign

Created in conjunction with NASA's ICESat-2 satellite launch, the Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign focuses on providing ground-truth tree height measurements for NASA scientists. By studying the height of the trees in a particular area, researchers can construct 3D models of a forest's canopy, informing them on a number of environmental factors from the land's carbon and to how the ecosystem itself functions.

In this campaign, participants can gather data on the tree height in their local habitat as well as baseline measurements like air and surface temperature.

GLOBE Mission Mosquito

A global collaboration between scientists, local governments, public health officials, and the GLOBE community, Mission Mosquito focuses on monitoring changes in the frequency, range and distribution of potential disease vector mosquitoes. By combining ground-truth mosquito larvae measurements with NASA satellite data, researchers can determine important information about mosquito habitats that local governments can then use for public health initiatives.

In this campaign, participants can use the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper mobile app to photograph bodies of standing water, determine the number and species of mosquito larvae present, take a Land Cover observation also, and, if possible-dump or tip water in containers.


For more information on Current GLOBE Measurement Field Campaigns, contact our campaigns team.