Pose Questions

Pose Questions

After you have taken some time to observe the environment around you, identify research question(s) to be answered by your project.

A research question is one that does not have an immediately obvious answer and could have more than one answer or solution.  Questions with yes or no answers are typically not good research questions; try to ask your research questions so that their answers help fill in gaps in the current understanding on your chosen topic.  Questions that begin with "How does…?" and "What is….?" are often better than "Is there…?"  It is also good if your research question addresses a problem that's significant and interesting to you and your community.

Use this worksheet to help evaluate possible research questions.

1) Brainstorm questions you wish to investigate.

2) Identify one or more questions that are:

  • Interesting to you
  • Able to be answered using available data or GLOBE measurements, and
  • Answerable in the time available for your research project.

3) Revisit these questions throughout the course of the project, as necessary.  Scientists often refine their questions as they do research – they are always learning.

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