Teaching Standards

Teaching Standards, or Learning Standards, refer to academic standards applied to education content, particularly in primary and secondary education. Standards are typically statements expressing what a student should know, should be able to do, or should be capable of at a certain point in their learning. Most countries have educational standards developed on a national or regional level. Within the United States of America, learning standards exist at a national level and then are adopted and/or modified by individual state boards of education. Internationally, the TIMMS Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, has measured trends in mathematics and science achievement at the fourth and eighth grades since 1995.

GLOBE partners have mapped GLOBE protocols and learning activities to their specific state, and in some cases city, standards. Providing these standards assists teachers in the implementation of GLOBE into the curriculum. If you have mapped GLOBE activities to your state's or county's standards and would like to have them made available here, please contact your GLOBE Regional Desk Office.