Translated Material

Translated Material

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English is the official language of the GLOBE program. We also celebrate that our community is diverse and global and we strive to provide translations of our materials in the six official United Nations languages. However, we also work with our community members to provide translations for select material in additional languages. Keep in mind that not all GLOBE materials have been translated into every language.

Learn more about our translated material for each language below: 

العربية | Česky | 中國 | Hrvatski Français | Deutsch | ελληνικά | हिन्दी | 日本語 

한국어 | Mакедонск Монгол | Norsk | Português | Pyccкий | Español | Tiếng Việt | Yкраїнський


Become a Volunteer Translator

We're always looking for volunteers who want to translate more GLOBE material into additional languages. If you're interested in translating GLOBE activities and content, please reach out to our Community Support team.