Sharing Blog: Eyes on Earth Episode 21 - Forests of Ghana

Trees play such a vital role in the world's science, language, cultures, and customs. Trees, even though they help the Earth regulate its climate, are part of global industry, and serve as habitats for millions of living species, are also vital in the personal lives of millions to potentially billions.

The Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign would like to share a podcast from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) entitled, "Eyes on Earth Episode 21 - Forests of Ghana."

satellite map of central Africa trees

From the blog description:

"In the West African nation of Ghana, tropical forests are more than landscape. They are woven into language, custom, and culture. They are also the source of timber for home heating and industry, as well as barriers to agricultural production. Those are just a few of the reasons why deforestation has come alongside the nation’s rapid population growth. In this episode of Eyes on Earth, an EROS scientist and Ghana native talks about how Landsat satellites help track deforestation and offer guidance on forest regrowth."

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