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Blog originally posted on the GLOBE Scientists' Blog: Through our trees in trouble series, we’ve examined trees in the Sahel zone in Africa and the United States.  This problem, climate change and dying trees, has been seen on every continent, the only exception being Antarctica, due to the lack of vegetation on the frozen continent.  Scientists have recently found that there is an alarming loss rate of big, old trees, whose ages range from 100-300+ years, in...

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Most trees obtain water through their massive root systems, but did you know that some trees can absorb water through their leaves as well? This ability is called foliar uptake. Scientists recently discovered that trees in cloud forests use foliar uptake to obtain water. A cloud forest is a forest that has persistent or seasonally persistent fog or low-level cloud cover. Cloud forests are usually in the tropics or subtropics, have evergreen trees (trees that don’t lose their leaves) and tend to have a lot of mosses and vegetation in the understory of the trees. Cloud Forest located...

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