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Earlier this summer, scientists predicted about a 75% chance of a La Niña following the El Niño from 2015-2016. But now, a La Niña is most likely not going to happen, with a 40% chance as of September. Last Spring, waters in the Pacific Ocean seemed to be cooling off. This is an indicator of a La Niña weather pattern. Scientists have now noticed that these water temperatures have been leveling off, thus decreasing the chance of a La Niña event. The current ENSO period of neutrality will continue into the Fall. Monthly sea surface temperature in the Niño 3.4 region of the...

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April 2015: The why “Jen, create a list of ideas for making GLOBE more visible in the United States that will engage GLOBE Partnerships, teachers, and students nationally.” All right. I can do that. My top ten ideas: Number Ten - The Science Fairs. The last one on the list. My least favorite. Of course everyone picks that one to develop. Of course. Flashback to my pre-GLOBE years: My failure Coming from an undergraduate degree in zoology with a dream to be an excellent teacher, I wanted science class to be about research. That is what students should be doing in...

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GLOBE El Niño Student Research Campaign Webinar #10 Date: Weds. Sept. 21 st , 8 to 9 pm (EST) 12 to 1 AM (UTC) To register, click here Ready-Set-Go! We have received permission to continue with the El Niño Student Research Campaign, so we are full speed ahead to another year of collaboration! This webinar will focus on exploring what scientists have already learned from their data collection and analysis about the impacts of the 2015-2016 El Niño worldwide. Then we will hear from two Thai students about the many ways in which the El Niño impacted their region....

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Mark Your Calendars!!! The GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign will continue with Phase II. The official commencement of Phase II will be at the Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 8:00pm EDT (12:00 am September 22nd UTC). Please visit the WEBINAR page to sign up and join us in celebrating the beginning of another year of the ENSO Student Research Campaign.  

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  Great News!   The El Niño Campaign will transition into the EL Niño Student Reserach Campaign. The Campaign has been graciously extended for another two years. Which means more great data collection, and presentations from scientists, educators and NASA communicators. The kick off webinar takes place Sept. 21 8pm EDT.  Sign up here      

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