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As spring begins here in the northern hemisphere, we often see seasonal changes in our precipitation patterns. As most of you know, heavy rains can result in the mass movement of land- known as "landslides".  These natural hazards occur all over the world, and often result in destruction of property and even death. Scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center are in the process of building an open worldwide database for landslide research- and we need you to help us out! Learn about the "Landslide Reporter" citizen science program in this blog.  Learn more about NASA's...

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When we observe scientists, sometimes we think that they were born with a lab coat, glasses and knowing everything about the world around them, or at least it was my idea when I was child, but all scientists have been students like you and me when they were children, they attended school, enjoyed some courses and maybe disliked others. How did they decide to become scientists? What was their motivation to pursue a career in science?  and what is the impact of GLOBE in their personal and professional lives?  Let´s read some personal stories from GLOBE scientists.   Waleska...

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