Quickly access GLOBE data and filter it by various parameters with GLOBE API calls. The GLOBE API is focused on supporting developers who want to use a programmatic interface to retrieve GLOBE data. Each API call is associated with a unique URL and variable combination that allows you to find the measurements you're looking for with speed and ease.  
API interface button

How to Use the API Interface

To start retrieving data via the GLOBE API, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the GLOBE API Interface
  2. From the API call list, find the call that contains the data you want to access
  3. Next to the call URL, click the Get button
  4. To test an API call, on the right, click Try it out
    • When you use the Try it out function, we recommend setting the "Sample" value to True. This limits the number of returned responses so you can validate the call format.
  5. Next to "protocols," select the measurements you want to search for
  6. Next to "datefield," select the date format you want to search by 
  7. Next to "startdate" and "enddate," choose the beginning and end dates of your search query
  8. Select a data format for the call:
    • To return data in the GeoJSON format: Set "geojson" to True
    • To return data in a custom GLOBE JSON format: Set "geojson" to False
      • Important: The custom JSON format returns the results of the query as well as the total number of records returned for a full query run. To determine the record total for a call without performing the full query:
        1. Set "geojson" to False
        2. Set "sample" to True
  9. At the bottom, click Execute

API Call Tips

To understand the format of the call, you can utilize the Curl or Request URL. You can then programmatically modify your call as needed. For example, to perform a direct https call for all aerosols data from 1/1/2010 to 1/1/2012, you can use the URL below:


  • Note: When you set "sample=FALSE," the query will return all data instead of those bounded by the sample

If you want to access large data sets, we recommend using the "Request URL" result. Do NOT use the "Try it out" option.

  • We currently limit the total amount of data returned to 1,000,000 records. If you are trying to access more than 1,000,000 records, you may need to update your call by modifying the date range.

Public API is the default page for the GLOBE API interface. To find lower-level information like a list of all countries, place, last published date, and more, you can access the Public Dev API. To access the page:
  1. In the top right, click the public-api box
  2. Select public-dev-api
  3. Follow the API call instructions above to complete a call request