Earth Day 2010

GLOBE Students Celebrate Earth Day 2010

The 2010 Earth Day celebration was a special one. Not only was it the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, but also the 15th anniversary of the GLOBE Program. 

A great day to reflect, activate and celebrate the planet that provides us with so much! At the GLOBE Program Office in Boulder, Colorado, we conducted a stream clean-up with the staff, had our protocol training delayed by a tornado watch, but are going back out this Tuesday to conduct our training, follow-up on our World Water Day data collection, and complete the second half of the stream clean-up! For more on what the GLOBE Community did on Earth Day please visit our Facebook page.

NASA video for Earth Day 2010

GLOBE Program Sponsored Service Learning Day

The world celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day by participating in the GLOBE Program's Global Day of Service on or near 22 April. This event focused on giving back to the planet that gives so much by participating in direct actions that benefit the environment. Activities like stream clean-ups, litter patrols, watershed restorations, public education and tree plantings provided opportunities that help empower and help synthesize learning while benefiting both the environment and local communities.

Opportunities for Direct Actions
    1.    Litter pick-up programs, adopt a highway, steam clean-ups, school-yard efforts and working with other groups/agencies to build support for larger scale projects.
    2.    Greening your school-yard or local parks by planting trees, flowers, or even school gardens! From simple container gardens, raised beds and small plot/border plantings, to full-scale production gardens and outdoor classrooms, every plant and tree makes a difference in air quality and quality of life in your community.
    3.    Create or improve your school's recycling program or start a school-wide composting program. From kitchens to classrooms, every little bit helps.
    4.    Create a "No Idle Zone" at your school for busses and cars to improve air quality and the local environment.
    5.    Advocate for energy change or alternative energy production/purchase at your school.
    6.    Address the growing concerns about school food and healthy lunches by adding local and organics to the menu where applicable.
    7.    Get outside, explore and add your GLOBE Research Results to the database that makes a difference!
    8.    Install water saving devices on sinks and showers at school and advocate for high efficiency lighting options for your school.
    9.    Share your knowledge with others by reaching out to the community, participating in events, or helping younger learners make a difference in their community.