Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day: April 22!  Earth Day is always held on April 22, no matter the year, no matter the country, and is marked by leaders, citizens, organizations, companies, and agencies coming together to celebrate planet Earth. Earth Day is always a special day that represents the future for generations to come and keeping the environment we all occupy healthy and sustainable.

Here, at the GLOBE Implementation Office in Boulder, Colorado, we'll be hosting a number of events in celebration of Earth Day.
  • During the week surrounding Earth Day, we will host the 2016 Data Entry Challenge. The numbers on data entry are skyrocketing this week... join in by entering your data new and old. The GLOBE Implementation Office will recognize schools entering the most data as well as the schools that have entered the most data using the mobile app for data collection and entry during Earth Week (17-24 April).
  • Earth Day Google Hangout. The Regional Desk Officers will report on GLOBE in their regions. At the conclusion of the regional presentations, we'll hold a drawing to select (from all qualified student projects in the International Virtual Science Fair) those who will receive monetary stipends to attend the next big GLOBE international gathering, the 20th GLOBE Annual Meeting to be held 16 - 21 July in Colorado. Plan to participate in to GLOBE's Earth Day Google Hangout, or see the archived version, which will be posted later the same day. CLICK HERE to tune in to the Google Hangout on the GLOBE website homepage on 22 April at

9:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) / 3:00 PM UTC

  • GLOBE Announces eTraining!

    You've been asking -- we're now delivering: eTraining for teachers!

    This fills a need we have heard about for years, particularly in areas where GLOBE workshops are not locally available. Teachers won't have to wait anymore for a face-to-face workshop to get their students to start collecting GLOBE data using protocols. The eTraining program will complement, not replace, the existing workshops.
    All 28 beautifully illustrated training slide sets and interactives can be found here. Have fun exploring our Earth Day gift to the community!

Earth Day is special at the GLOBE Implementation Office. GLOBE was announced on Earth Day 1994 and implemented on Earth Day 1995. Earth Day 2016 marks the end of our 20th Anniversary Year celebration. We hope you will participate in the opportunities posted above, and become a part of the 2016 Earth Day Celebration!