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Global Shout-outs for Most Active GLOBE Participants in Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign in January 2019

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The GLOBE Program would like to give a big “shout-out” to the top most active GLOBE participants taking tree height, greenings, and land cover measurements for the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign during the month of January!

Tree Height:

  • M. Sambolek (Croatia)
  • Z. Klarin (Croatia)
  • S. Markovic-Zoraja (Croatia)
  • Veseljic (Croatia)
  • J. Razlog-Grlica (Croatia)
  • Louvar (Croatia)
  • J. Dubravica (Croatia)
  • G. Bracun (Croatia)
  • J. Bouwman (United States)
  • K. Mohammed-Ali (Trinidad And Tobago)
  • Vasylchyshyn (Ukraine)

Greenings (Green-Up/Green-Down):

  • M. Algarni (Saudi Arabia)
  • R. Gaidiene (Lithuania)
  • B. Safin (Croatia)

Land Cover:

  • P. Nelson (United States)
  • J. Bouwman (United States)
  • Y. Lee (Taiwan Partnership)
  • M. Balazinec (Croatia)
  • Prieto (Argentina)
  • H. Joubert (South Africa)
  • J. Moore (United States)
  • K. Mohammed-Ali (Trinidad And Tobago)
  • R. Brettenny (South Africa)

To learn more about the Trees Around the GLOBE, including how to start taking measurements, how to retrieve relevant data, how to view ICESat-2 Satellite data, and how to connect to the campaign community, click here.

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office