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New “GLOBE Teams” Page Allows GLOBE Account Holders to Create/Join Location-Based Teams to Track Data-Collection Efforts

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GLOBE Community: Coming Soon -- If you are a GLOBE account holder, you will be able to create and join teams of people, called “GLOBE Teams,” which will enable you to track your group’s data-collection efforts. 

Even if you do not belong to a specific learning facility, you will now be able to associate your data with an entity that consists of friends, family, and coworkers.  This ability will allow you, and others, to search via your group’s name and find data associated with your group.  

These GLOBE Teams can be made public, private, or closed to new members. (Member contact information will not be made publicly available.) Each group will be associated with a general location, such as a state or country. You can even join more than one group! The GLOBE Teams page will display the number of members and observations, and will provide a contact form to contact group managers. 

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