GLOBE Congratulates Top June 2019 Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign Measurement Champions

Graphic that reads, "Bravo"

The Globe Program would like to congratulate the top most active Trees Around the Globe Student Research Campaign participants taking at least 10 measurements for tree height, greenings, and land cover measurements for the campaign in June! 

Tree Height:

  • W. Kankanjana (Thailand)
  • D. Kaewsuphan (Thailand)
  • C. Tuksinganon (Thailand)
  • D. Sisai (Thailand)
  • P. Choknut​ (Thailand)
  • A. Veseljic (Croatia)
  • Y. Lee (Taiwan Paternership)
  • B. Bresnahan (United States)

Greenings (Green-Up/Green-Down):

  • B. Safin (Croatia)
  • M. Algarni (Saudi Arabia)
  • E. Lindsey (United States)

Land Cover:

  • Y. Lee (Taiwan Partnership)
  • A. Majkut (Poland)
  • S. Taylor (United States)
  • J. Bouwman (United States)
  • R. Smith (United States)

Graphic that reads, "Congratulations"


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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