GLOBE Alumni Host Join the Nature in Czech Republic

The Czech GLOBE Veterans (CGV) is an organization of GLOBE Alumni who aim to remain connected to the GLOBE Program beyond their primary and secondary school years. In the three years since they have joined together, the CGV have engaged in various projects to use the knowledge they acquired during their years with the GLOBE program in order to increase public awareness of environmental issues. Their Join the Nature project, taking place in the summer of 2008, presents a wonderful opportunity for 13-14 year old GLOBE students to experience GLOBE protocol training along with exposure to other students of different countries, with cultural activities, games and learning activities to make the week both educational and fun! The purpose of Join the Nature is to provide a cultural immersion where young teens will learn about their similarities and differences, develop communication skills, and examine various social and environmental issues, while experiencing the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Located in a nature resort at the edge of a small village in Bohemia, Czech Republic, students will have access to a technology center with classrooms and computers for entering data for student research. The eco-centre will provide ideal support for the data collecting, and discussions that are planned. This project is financially supported by the European Union through a Youth in Action grant. For more information visit the Join the Nature Web site, and start thinking now about your trip to the Czech Republic from 14 –20 July 2008. But don't delay. The deadline to apply is 20 January! 

Tomas Tunkl (, the coordinator of the Join the Nature Project and GLOBE Alumni Representative for Europe, says that the project "will not only support the GLOBE Alumni community in the European region, but also will benefit the whole GLOBE community in Europe." We encourage students and GLOBE leaders in the European network to apply for this exceptional opportunity to meet a diverse group of students, while learning more about the environment and GLOBE.

02 January 2008


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