5th Annual GLOBE Scientist Fair in the Kingdom of Bahrain Brings Student Focus to Climate Change

Enhancing on the Annual Activities conducted by the GLOBE Program in the Kingdom of Bahrain, The 5th Annual GLOBE Scientist Fair took place in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 22-24 March 2009. Focused on the theme GLOBE Research for the Effects of Greenhouse Gases, 20 research topics related to GLOBE's Student Campaign for Reseach on Climate were on display, with student researchers on hand to explain their projects to judges and participants.

The fair was held at Shaikh Khalifa Institute for Technology under the patronage of Bahrain's Minister of Education, Dr. Majed Bin Ali Al Noami. Six scientists and educators comprised the panel of judges:
Dr. Sabah Saleh Al Junaid, Assistant Professor of GIS and Environment, Arabian Gulf College;
Dr. Sadiq Mahdi Al Alawi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Bahrain;
Dr. Khalil Ebrahim Jassim, Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Bahrain;
Waleed Almmawia, Information Recourse Centre Director, U.S. Embassy;
Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abdulla, Acting Head of Climatology and Observation: WHAT IS HIS ORGANIZATION?and
Khulood Bucheeri, Curriculum Specialist, Ministry of Education.

Winning Entries

First place went to students of Hamad Town Secondary Local Girls School:
Rawan Mohammed Jabr, Zahraa Mohammed Ashkanani, and Aisha Nasser Shabib for their project, "Watch out! From the Sun Struck."

Second Place went to students of Hamad Town Secondary Local Boys School:
Ali Khalil A. Hussain, Hussain Al Thaqafi, and Ali Yousif Ali Yousif for their project, "The Effect of Temperature and Humidity and Climate Change."

Tying for third place were students of two schools. From Al Bayan International Private School: Hisham Khalil Hussain, Wael A. Amir Al Jishi, Tariq A. Aziz Al Jasmi for their project, "Maglev Carts." And from Al Hidd Intermediate, Secondary Local Girls School: Anwar Yousif Bu Ali and Fatima Ahmed Al Hamady for their project,"Fasht Al Adham (Coral Reef) Situated in the Gulf Sea."

Prizes were awarded by sponsor Diar Al Muharraq W.L.L., to whom appreciation was expressed, and certificates were distributed to all participants, winners and judges.

20 May 2009


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