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Zakladni Skola, Hradecka Street, Telc, Czech Republic
Elementary students from Zakladni Skola in Telc, South Bohemia, Czech Republic, and their GLOBE Teacher, Bozenka Kaderavkova, have been actively participating in GLOBE since 1995. In the beginning, these students worked diligently taking GLOBE measurements, but they did not have a computer. They had to fax their data to TEREZA, the Czech Country Coordinating organization, which then sent the data via the Internet to the GLOBE Student Data Server.  >>

25. Zakladni Skola Ekolog. Praktikum Uzel, Liberec, Czech Republic
GLOBE students who are part of the club called "Uzlici" at 25. Zakladni Skola, Ekolog. Praktikum Uzel in Liberec, Czech Republic, have already made a big impact on their community. Thanks to these GLOBE students, the town of Liberec, which is located in North Bohemia, now recycles batteries. GLOBE students made and decorated their own recycling bins as pictured to the left from plastic bottles, and provided them to stores throughout Liberec. They also arranged for a company to collect and recycle the batteries.  >>