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NASA Scientists Generate Interest in GLOBE Across the Philippines
In an effort to bring GLOBE programs to more schools and inspire young students to pursue careers in STEM disciplines, NASA scientists, engineers, and pilots recently travelled throughout the Philippines giving informational talks on their current airborne science mission CAMP2Ex.  >>

2019 GLOBE Asia and Pacific Regional Meeting Provides Opportunity to Share and Collaborate
In May 2019, the GLOBE Asia and Pacific Regional Coordination Office (RCO), in association with GLOBE Republic of Korea and the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity (KOFAC), organized the Annual Regional Meeting in Seoul. The event brought together 14 GLOBE Country Coordinators and participants from around the region.  >>

GLOBE Training in Madagascar Focuses on “Working Together for Future Generations”
In early 2019, GLOBE Madagascar signed a collaboration agreement with Conservation International (CI). The collaboration is based on the preservation of lemurs and the natural forest in the eastern part of Madagascar.  >>

GLOBE Students in Malta Engage in Science – and Walk for Fun – To “Be Part of the Solution” for a Greener Tomorrow
In early 2019, GLOBE middle school students in Gozo, Malta, focused on studying the effects of trees on urban temperatures in their surrouding communities. "This is our first year participating in The GLOBE Program, and we would like to share our investigation and how we went a step further to involve the wider community and be part of the solution to Climate Change," Ramona Mercieca, a teacher at Gozo College Middle School said.  >>

Teacher Training Highlights Reactivation of The GLOBE Program in Kyrgyz Republic
In February 2019, with the aim of reactivating The GLOBE Program in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Europe and Eurasia Regional Coordination Office and the GLOBE Kyrgyz Country Coordinator, Murataly Duishonakunov, organized a pivotal teacher training at the Kyrgyz National University in Bishkek.  >>

GLOBE Czech Republic Honors Three GLOBE Schools with “Czech GLOBE Star 2019” Award
In February, GLOBE Czech Republic awarded three GLOBE schools with the title "Czech GLOBE Star 2019" for their significant achievements during the year. This yearly acknowledgement of students, and their superior GLOBE-related efforts, began in 2016. Awarded schools receive diplomas, medals, and gifts from members of the Scientific Board of TEREZA Educational Center and the Regional Coordination Office of GLOBE’s Europe and Eurasia Region.  >>

Largest Teacher Training Event in Bicol Region, Philippines, Focuses on Zika Education and Prevention Project Training and GLOBE Protocols
In October 2018, 435 public school teachers from the Camarines Sur Schools Division, Department of Education (DepEd) participated in the largest training event ever held in the Bicol region of the Philippines.  >>

Now a GLOBE Teacher, Former GLOBE Poland Student Magdalena Przyluska “Transmits” Passion for Science and Nature to Her GLOBE Students
“My adventure with GLOBE started 2000, when I was a student in the high school in Przysucha, in Central Poland,” Magdalena Pryzluska said. “I got interested in GLOBE as far back as at the beginning of my education there, because it concerned both the nature in the surroundings of our school, and the global environmental issues.”  >>

Teachers from Every Region in the Philippines Participate in Crucial GLOBE Zika Mosquito Protocol Training and Community Science Fair
From 29-30 September 2018, teachers from all 16 regions in the Philippines came together at the Skylight Convention Centre in Perto Princesa City, Palawan, to participate in the GLOBE Zika Mosquito Protocol Training and the GLOBE Community Science Fair – making it a nationwide training event.  >>

Students Across Ireland Measure Air Quality as Part of GLOBE Air Quality Campaign 2019
As part of the GLOBE Air Quality Campaign 2019, students from 30 schools across Ireland measured air quality at locations around their schools. Students measured nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – a principal pollutant from car exhaust emissions – during the month of February, and investigated the results and potential impacts on their health and well-being.  >>

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