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Virtual Field Work Introduces GLOBE Malta Students to The GLOBE Program
From January through June 2021, students from across Malta engaged in virtual fieldwork – managing to take “the outdoors indoors” during the pandemic.  >>

Thanks to Their Stellar Performance in the 2020 and 2021 IVSS, GLOBE Students Learn that “School” Reaches Beyond Limits of Locality
“This year, the students of the Private Elementary School Incorporated No. 1345 Nuestra Señora del Carmen won for the second consecutive time the drawing of the International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS). Their work represents GLOBE’s Latin America and Caribbean Region (LAC) and, more specifically, the quality of their reports and research work,” María Paz Fernández, Communications Assistant, LAC Region, said.  >>

GLOBE Cohort Partner Bo Lebo Helps Students “Find a Voice” Using GLOBE Protocols
As a North American GLOBE cohort partner, U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) and Los Angeles (California, USA) School District volunteer and grant recipient, Cynthyny (“Bo”) Lebo has been actively engaged in – and applying – GLOBE curriculum and protocols since 2015.  >>

GLOBE Argentina Students Win Argentine Junior Water Prize
In May 2021, GLOBE Argentina students Marianela P., Juan W., and Lucio M., from the Science Club Huechulafquen won the Argentine Junior Water Prize (organized by the Argentine Association of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences). The students will represent the country in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) within the framework of World Water Week.  >>

GLOBE Ireland Air Quality Campaign 2021 Online Event Celebrates Work of GLOBE Students
On 20 May 2021, GLOBE Ireland hosted an end-of-the-year celebratory event for the Air Quality Campaign. More than 200 people participated in the event, including primary school student classes and secondary school groups, teachers, GIO Director Dr. Tony Murphy, Irish EPA Director Laura Burke, Irish EPA Air Quality and Citizen Science teams, GLOBE Europe Regional Office, Dana Votapkova, and scientists from Trinity College Dublin and Technical University Dublin.  >>

GLOBE Malta Students “Rise to a Green Challenge”
In 2021, The GLOBE Program Malta and Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC), Victoria Gozo, joined forces to promote science and environment education through the GLOBE EDIC STEAM Challenge. A total of seven primary, five state, and two church schools registered for the challenge, which involved 600 students and 50 educators.  >>

Former GLOBE Student Dedicated to Making “Broad Scientific Impact”
In 2011, Pegi Pavletić, a PhD student in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Food Sciences (Chemical, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology) at the University of Camerino, Italy, was looking for volunteering opportunities at the Medical High School in Rijeka, Croatia, when she first connected with a student who was involved with The GLOBE Program.  >>