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Workshop Equips French-Speaking GLOBE Educators and Students for Climate and Air Quality Research
In September 2009, Danielle DeStaerke, Country Coordinator of France, led the annual GLOBE CALIPSO workshop in Cayenne, French Guiana. Approximately 30 teachers from France and French Guiana attended this event to present GLOBE student projects completed throughout the school year and discuss future plans for implementation of GLOBE.  >>

GLOBE Students in France and the U.S. Expand Collaborative Activities
The ongoing relationship between GLOBE teachers Kathy Rome, from Bison, Kansas, USA, and Mehdi Rajade and Virginie Godechoul, GLOBE teachers from Andernos-Les-Bains, France, has continued to flourish. After initially meeting via a Web conference May 2007, they finally met face-to-face at the AIM/CloudSat satellite workshop that took place in Alaska in June 2007. Also in attendance at the workshop were GLOBE U.S. Partners Dr. Paul Adams, a Kansas Fort Hays State University professor and CALIPSO educational outreach instructor, Dr. Dianne Robinson, atmospheric science professor at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, and Yves Darbarie, GLOBE teacher from Bordeaux, France  >>