Stars and STEM Stories


GLOBE Schools in Malta and Israel Reach Beyond National Boundaries in Collaborative Video Conference
On 11 February 2020, the GLOBE Country Coordinator of Israel, Ms. Rafaela Babish, along with the GLOBE Deputy Country Coordinator of Malta, Ms. Ramona Mercieca, coordinated a video conference with schools in Malta and Israel to celebrate The GLOBE Program’s 25th Anniversary – and to reach beyond borders in a collaborative learning endeavor.  >>

Israeli Students Dig Deep in Examination of Invasive Species
From January through March 2018, students at the Ibn Rushd Primary School in Qalansuwa, Israel, dug in to examine the impacts of an invasive species, the Acacia Saligna tree, on local native species.  >>

GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting in Israel Inspires Sense of Community Linked by Common Values
During the GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting, which was held in Israel in November 2017, community members from diverse communities came together to learn, teach, and expand their horizons – and ended up coming away with a sense of community linked by common values.  >>

NASA Astronaut Colonel William McArthur Jr. Visits Israeli GLOBE School
To honor Ramon and the 9th anniversary of the Columbia tragedy, NASA astronaut Col. William McArthur Jr. traveled to Israel to commemorate the country's first astronaut and to encourage Israeli youth to be involved in sciences and space research.  >>

GLOBE Israel Utilizes Resources to Connect Culture to the Environment
GLOBE is implemented in more than 97 schools in Israel, where some students have developed collaborations with other Israeli schools and abroad. The GLOBE Teachers in all four of these sectors use methodological guides to implement GLOBE Protocols, which target problem-based learning applications such as how to protect nature against regular human activity.  >>

GLOBE Day Unites Students of Diverse Backgrounds at Israel Annual Conference
On 4 June 2007, GLOBE Israel hosted its Annual Conference in Bet-Shearim, Galilee in the North of Israel. More than 650 students and teachers from across the country attended to celebrate "GLOBE Day." GLOBE Israel Country Coordinator, Mr. Farid Hamdan of the Ministry of Education, reports, "GLOBE Day is very special in Israel because it unites students from so many different sectors."  >>

Israel Holds Video Conference Event to Celebrate Earth Day 2007
On 19 April 2007, a pre-Earth Day video conference event took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. The goal of the event, according to Mr. Farid Hamdan, GLOBE Israel Country Coordinator, was to deepen the understanding of the GLOBE Program among Israeli elementary and secondary school teachers from all ethnic and religious backgrounds — Jewish, Arab, Druze, and Bedouin; to initiate Earth Day 2007 activities in Israel; and to strengthen national GLOBE implementation.  >>

GLOBE in Israel
Working to expand the GLOBE Program in Israel, the Integrated Pedagogical Center and the Environmental Authority of Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa are conducting a series of GLOBE Teacher Training Workshops.  >>