Stars and STEM Stories


Lake Victoria Learning Exhibition Succeeds in Engaging Youth in Vital Hands On Research
The Lake Victoria Learning Expedition brought together students, teachers and scientists in vital research at the largest lake in Africa.  >>

GLOBE Teacher Training Workshop in Kenya
During December of 2014 the GLOBE Program in Kenya successfully conducted a five-day international GLOBE teacher training workshop. The workshop took place at the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) in Nairobi, Kenya.  >>

Building Water Rockets Introduces Students to Aspects of Satellite Launching
Students in Kenya, build water rockets to learn how satellites are launched and to understand the linkage between Engineering and Science. The "Water Rockets" event took place at St. Scholastica Catholic School in Nairobi.  >>

International Gathering of Partners and Trainers Attend GPO Workshop
Seventy-five participants hailing from 19 countries, including 18 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, traveled to Boulder, Colorado, USA, on 3-9 August 2008 for the GLOBE/DLESE Partner Professional Development Workshop. The participants represented a diverse cross-section of GLOBE's worldwide community, including Country Coordinators and master trainers, who became active participants in a hands-on introduction to GLOBE's Earth System Science Projects (ESSPs), and the GLOBE model of student research designed to support student scientific research around environmental topics.  >>

GLOBE Partner Expedition to Antarctica: Looking Back in Time to See the Future
Earth's climate is changing, with thawing glaciers and melting of the sea ice shrinking at rates that are occurring far quicker than climate models have predicted. A growing body of knowledge indicates that the warming of the air near the surface and the melting of the ice are due to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases such as CO2 in our atmosphere.  >>