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Madagascar Celebrates 15 Years with GLOBE
Madagascar recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary with the GLOBE Program at a national teacher training event. Organized by the national environmental organization, "National Action for Education for Sustainable Development" (ANEDD), 25 participants attended the event. In addition to the celebration, the day was comprised of various presentations and brainstorming for ideas to help increase student involvement in environmental studies.  >>

Madagascar Team Paves the way for New Teachers to Implement GLOBE
The cooperative teamwork of Country Coordinator Mr. Paul Randrianarisoa and his training team in Madagascar has generated a national reformation of the GLOBE Program.  >>

GLOBE Madagascar Moves National Implementation Forward through Pre-Service Teacher Trainings
As a previous secondary level biology teacher, Madagascar GLOBE Country Coordinator Mr. Paul Randrianarisoa knows how to implement science in way that resonates with students of all ages.  >>

Madagascar Project Forges New Alliances By Tackling Malaria
Answering the call to create global themes with regional scientific and educational relevance, The GLOBE Program in Madagascar is forging new alliances among scientists, public health experts, educators and students in Madagascar to monitor, report, and analyze information regarding environmental conditions that control the transmission of malaria through GLOBE protocols (and other protocols developed by Malagasy scientists). T  >>

Zoo-goers and Animals Watch as Teachers Learn GLOBE Protocols in Madagascar
Families of lemurs, those wide-eyed primates that live only on the island of Madagascar, joined zoo visitors in observing a recent international GLOBE workshop at the Tzimbazaza Zoo and Botanical Park's Educational and Environmental Center.  >>