Stars and STEM Stories


Mexico Hosts its First National Conference of GLOBE Teachers
The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) hosted the first national conference of GLOBE Teachers from November 15 to 17. The conference coincided with the 10th anniversary of the GLOBE program in Mexico and honored the work of Guadalupe Pardo as GLOBE Coordinator during the administration of President Fox (2000-2006).  >>

A Shining Star in Mexico
Mexican school teachers and scientists from Arizona, USA, met in the Sonora Desert in Mexico, at the Universidad de la Sierra (U. Sierra) Workshop in which the Spring Soil Moisture Campaign (SMC) was showcased. The goal of the SMC data collection effort is for teachers and students to collect near-surface soil moisture data twice annually within two nine-day field campaigns that are tied to Earth Science Week (Oct. 9-17, 2004) and the week surrounding Earth Day (Apr. 22-30, 2005).  >>

Cyclists Promote Science Education and GLOBE during Bike Trip Through the Western Coast of the Americas
Two GLOBE trainers have undertaken a bike trip from El Paso, Texas to the southern tip of Latin America at Patagonia. Their goal is to help promote science education and an appreciation of the environment. Karen Engelke from El Paso and Daniel Gomez from Juarez, Mexico are part of the La Cruzada Ciclista por un Mundo Mejor (CCMM), or Cyclists Crusade for a Better World, Team. Along their route they will be stopping at schools and training selected GLOBE protocols.  >>