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Swiss Students Share Their GLOBE Research Projects – and Their GLOBE Story – at U.S. Embassy in Switzerland
In July 2018, a group of five Swiss students and their teacher, Andreas Schmid, from Kantonsschule Olten traveled to Killarney, Ireland, for the 2018 GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE) to present their scientific research projects to hundreds of other international students, teachers, and scientists.  >>

U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland Visits a GLOBE School
On 5th December 2016, U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland Suzan LeVine, along with Mr. Eric Levine, paid a visit to the GLOBE classroom of acclaimed teacher Markus Eugster.  >>

Swiss GLOBE Students Team Up to Inspect Bioindicators in a Local River
On 23 September 2010 a class of 8-year-old students from Primarschule Sali in Olten, Switzerland, teamed up with 19 and 20-year-old students from Kantonschule, another GLOBE School in Olten, to perform Hydrology Protocols on a small local river.  >>

Celebration of GLOBE Implementation in Switzerland
Switzerland first joined the GLOBE program on Earth Day, 22 April 1998, and currently, 133 Swiss schools contribute a massive amount of measurements to the GLOBE database and present their research findings to audiences consisting of fellow students, school alumni, and even local dignitaries. On Friday, 30 October 2009, GLOBE Switzerland recognized the constitutional efforts of twenty six members of the GLOBE Swiss Team with an official association ceremony at the University of Berne.  >>

Swiss Teachers Learn about Climate Change through GLOBE Phenology Day
On 20 September 2008, GLOBE Switzerland held a day-long event to introduce teachers to GLOBE projects and protocols related to phenology. Phenology, the science of the relations between climate and periodic biological phenomena such as migrations of birds and the fruiting of plants, is the subject of the popular GLOBE measurement protocol known as Budburst. GLOBE Switzerland's Phenology Day focused on plant phenology and the links between plant biology, the growing season and climate change. Participants included current GLOBE teachers as well as new teachers who plan to become GLOBE certified teachers during a workshop to be held later this year.  >>

Swiss Schools Work Hard and Win
Sixty (60) GLOBE students and their teachers celebrated nine months of intense, competitive GLOBE measurement gathering and data entry with a day-long excursion to a farm high in Switzerland's Bernese Alps and the award of new computers. The goal of the competition was for 13 participating Swiss schools to collect as much hydrology or atmosphere GLOBE data during the nine months of the school year as possible and enter it into the GLOBE database.  >>

Oberstufenzentrum Egelsee, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
The sun stirs the clouds and the wind. But as GLOBE students in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland are learning firsthand, it also has the power to light the night and run computers. Students at the GLOBE school Oberstufenzentrum Egelsee, with help from students from a nearby technical institute, recently installed 90 solar panels on the school rooftop.  >>

Gymnasium Baeumlihof, Basel, Switzerland
The contributions to science being made by GLOBE students at Gymnasium Bäumlihof in Basel, Switzerland were highlighted at a recent celebration of the school's 25th anniversary. The students presented posters and demonstrated GLOBE instruments and protocols before an audience of over 500 alumni and students.  >>