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Students with Disabilities Gain Hands-On Experience with GLOBE Protocols
On a sunny Saturday in January, sixteen high school students gathered in a wooded area behind the campus of the University of Southern Maine. Lead by two foresters from the Maine Forest Service, these young men and women were on their first field exploration using GLOBE protocols as part of The Eastern Alliance for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (EAST) Field Science Institute. EAST promotes the participation of individuals with disabilities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics academic programs and careers through funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation. EAST works in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  >>

International Honors for Young Climate Scientists in Germany
Students of the Max-Planck School in Kiel, Germany, entered the GLOBE community relatively quietly, but just one year after joining, they happily found themselves involved in the program at a level they had not anticipated. In 2006, the school became part of the pilot project "Global Climate Exchange Education for School Children" between Germany, Cameroon and Estonia.  >>

GLOBE Implementation around the World Strengthened by Peace Corps
The GLOBE Program's extensive database and growing global community provide a unique capacity to increase scientific understanding and collaboration across national and cultural boundaries. The value of the GLOBE Program is enhanced by its partnerships with more than 40 regional and worldwide organizations with aims and interests similar to those of GLOBE. These partnerships contribute to the development of resources and support for the GLOBE Program in areas of mutual interest. The U.S. Peace Corps is one such agency that has a long and rich history of international service and has worked in partnership with GLOBE since the early days of the GLOBE program.  >>

GLOBE Europe Country Coordinators Meeting in Warsaw, Poland
The fourth GLOBE Europe Regional Consortium meeting took place in Warsaw, Poland, on 17-20 April 2008. With over 60 participants from 16 countries in attendance, the focus was on past and future activities of GLOBE Europe.  >>

NSF and the Omar Dengo Foundation Bring WV Trainers and Costa Rican Teachers Together
Forty Costa Rican educators and four West Virginia Trainers participated in a four-day Introduction to GLOBE's Atmosphere, Hydrology, and GIS protocols near Cartago, Costa Rica, on 16-19 April 2008. The event was sponsored locally by the Omar Dengo Foundation (ODF) which coordinates GLOBE in Costa Rica and the Integrated Design for Geoscience Education (IDGE) program funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).  >>

Earth Day Inspires Active Participation in GLOBE Communities Worldwide
On 22 April 2008, GLOBE students, teachers and community members around the world celebrated Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April 1970. Now, almost thirty years later, more than 500 million people living in 175 countries observe this day dedicated to galvanizing efforts to mobilize people, governments, and corporations to take responsibility for a clean and healthy environment.  >>

GLOBE at NSTA 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts
The National Science Teacher's Association (NSTA) has been hosting Conferences on Science Education since 1952 with an overarching goal to provide educators with the latest in science content, teaching strategies, and research to enhance and expand their professional growth. GLOBE once again had a strong presence at the annual NSTA Conference on Science Education on 27 – 30 March 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts.  >>

GLOBE Students and Teachers from Seven Countries Attend
GLOBE students from around the world took part in SciFest 2008 Finland from 16-19 April, in the city of Joensuu. SciFest Finland is an annual festival of science, environment and technology aimed at middle and high school students. It features hands-on activities, popular lectures, games, workshops, robotics competitions and interactive exhibitions as well as workshops for teachers.  >>

GLOBE at Night 2008 Observed Around the World
Thousands of GLOBE Students participated in GLOBE at Night 2008 for two weeks between 25 February and 8 March. In an interview with NPR (National Public Radio), Dr. Edward Geary, Director of the GLOBE Program, said that the GLOBE at Night Program is intended "to raise awareness about light pollution and also to have citizens around the world contribute to the understanding of light pollution in different parts of the world."  >>

GLOBE School in Niger Plants 1,000 Trees on Global Youth Service Day
École Diori 1, a GLOBE school in Niamey, Niger, was awarded a Disney Minnie Grant to lead a community service campaign on Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) celebrated this year on 25-27 April 2008. GYSD is a worldwide celebration of young volunteers, whose energy and enthusiasm significantly impacts the communities in which they live. The three-day long event involves millions of young people across the world, with the help of mentors, parents, and teachers. Young volunteers address important community needs through service and service-learning projects addressing climate change, literacy, poverty, human rights, and many other issues.  >>