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Macedonia and Croatia Build Strong Bonds through GLOBE
Two recent GLOBE Workshops held in Berova and Skopje, Republic of Macedonia in June and November, 2005, might have resembled any number of other GLOBE workshops in any other part of the world if not for one crucial detail. Namely, these workshops illustrated the cooperation, unselfish assistance, and exchange of experience that is typical of the relationship between Macedonia and Croatia.  >>

Madagascar Project Forges New Alliances By Tackling Malaria
Answering the call to create global themes with regional scientific and educational relevance, The GLOBE Program in Madagascar is forging new alliances among scientists, public health experts, educators and students in Madagascar to monitor, report, and analyze information regarding environmental conditions that control the transmission of malaria through GLOBE protocols (and other protocols developed by Malagasy scientists). T  >>

South African School Recognized for Environmental Initiatives
On 30 January 2006 the South African Indwe Secondary School received an Eco-flag in recognition for their efforts towards environmental awareness. The Eco Flag is an award of the Eco-Schools Programme, an international program of the Foundation for Environmental Education, supported in part by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA). This honor is presented to schools worldwide that demonstrate substantial involvement in environmental education activities and initiatives.  >>

A Meeting of Minds: GLOBE Students and Scientists Share Research in Iowa
On February 10, 2006 GLOBE students shared their research and exchanged ideas with GLOBE Scientists at the GLOBE ONE Student Research Symposium at the Hartman Reserve Nature Center in Black Hawk County, Iowa.  >>

Bahrain Students Walk for Environmental Awareness
The Bahrain GLOBE Green Walk Event took place on January 25, 2006. Thirteen groups of up to ten members spent an entire day at AL-Areen Wildlife Reserve Park for a day of fun environmental education. The 140 students and teachers participating in this event explored the natural beauty of their park, deepened their awareness about the environment, while demonstrating good environmental practice and behavior.  >>

The GLOBE Campaign and GLOBE Day, Maliyadewa College, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
The GLOBE Program in Sri Lanka organized a National GLOBE Campaign and GLOBE Day on 20-21 October 2005, at Maliyadewa College, Kurunegala. The event was a residential program including more than 275 students representing 32 schools and 60 teachers. The GLOBE Campaign and GLOBE Day were organized to increase awareness of the GLOBE Program among school children as a measure to expand student participation in GLOBE activities. These GLOBE activities were designed to share the experience gained by senior GLOBE students with newly enrolled students to the GLOBE program in the schools.  >>

Ten Countries Participate in GLOBE International Training Workshop/Regional Meeting
An International Training Workshop took place in Niamey, Niger, during the week of 21 November 2005. The Niger Ministry of Education and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) graciously hosted the workshop at the Ecole des Mines, de l'Industrie et de la Géologie (EMIG). The training team came from Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, and the United States.  >>

Cameroon GLOBE Students Increase Environmental Awareness of Municipal Lake
Between 2000 and 2003, twenty secondary-school students at Lycée Bilingue d'Application (LBA) Yaoundé used GLOBE protocols to study the water quality of Yaoundé Municipal Lake in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Under the guidance of their teacher, Mr. George Nditifon, who is also a GLOBE Assistant Master Trainer in Hydrology, these students found the lake to be highly stressful for aquatic life.  >>

Greg Lopatka's model of GLOBE sustainability in Illinois
Greg Lopatka became a GLOBE trainer in March 1995. Since then, he has trained at 12 different workshops in places ranging from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA to University of Colorado in Boulder, CO.  >>

The 6th GLOBE Germany Students' Congress at the DLR School Lab in Cologne Porz
The Project Department "Agenda 21 in schools and youth work" at the North Rhine-Westfalia institute for schools, which is in charge of the NRW Globe-Germany schools, hosted the Globe-Germany Students' Congress for the second time on June 8, 2005, together with the DLR School Lab in Cologne-Porz. This was the 6th congress since 2000 and the third one at DLR.  >>