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GLOBE in Cameroon Opens New Regional Conference Center for GLOBE Professional Development and Initiates National Science Teacher Association
GLOBE in Cameroon is becoming a regional model for improving the teaching of science, math, and technology in Africa. Under the leadership of Mrs. Margaret Besong, Cameroon Country Coordinator, GLOBE in Cameroon has opened a Regional Conference Center for GLOBE professional development  >>

The Art of GLOBE
GLOBE is about students learning more about the world around them through collecting and analyzing environmental data. GLOBE can also be included in many other classes - mathematics, geography, language and art. Art can be viewed as interpretation of the world - not with data but rather with emotion.  >>

Hudsonville High School and King Elementary Unite to Learn about the Environment
This fall, a class of eighteen fifth-graders from Muskegon Heights, MI, teamed with a group of fifteen high school students from Hudsonville, MI, in a collaborative effort to collect water and air quality data. The link between these two schools was an interest in the environment through GLOBE - a global network of teachers, students and scientists dedicated to gathering and understanding accurate environmental data.  >>

7th Annual Czech GLOBE Games in Brumov - Bylnice
TEREZA, the GLOBE Country Coordinating body in the Czech Republic, organized the 7th Annual GLOBE Games in cooperation with GLOBE school Brumov-Bylnice Elementary School in the White Carpathians protected landscape area. Participants had the opportunity to arrive a day early and spend the day on an excursion in the beautiful countryside.  >>

The Second GLOBE Learning Expedition in Latvia
Students and teachers from five Latvian GLOBE schools participated in the Second GLOBE in Latvia Learning Expedition, in August 2004. Collecting environmental data was only a portion of the activities; students also had the opportunity to work with local scientists, learn about their natural history, and, of course, have fun! School teams also took turns writing up journal entries of the day's activities - a great way to include language arts into GLOBE activities! Below are the journal entries of 5 teams of student scientists while on their expedition.  >>

Bahrain TTT Workshop
During December 4-12, over 70 individuals from 6 countries attended a GLOBE Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain. The Bahrain Ministry of Education graciously hosted the workshop with the support of the U.S. Embassy. Mrs. Zakeya Ali Ahmed, Bahrain Country Coordinator, along with a team of GLOBE student volunteers, organized the workshop and made sure that the workshop was a success.  >>

GLOBE Visits Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Ethiopia
Between August 23 and September 9, Dr. Rebecca Boger, GLOBE Deputy Director for International/U.S. Partnerships and Outreach and International Project Scientist, visited four countries in East Africa - Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Ethiopia. In each of these countries, Dr. Boger met with numerous representatives of the National Ministries of Education and Environment, United States Embassies, universities, National Meteorological Services, and non-governmental organizations.  >>

"With a little help from its friends" GLOBE shines in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina
The popular song "A little help from my friends" by the Beatles describes how important our friends are to us, and it nicely captures GLOBE's philosophy of exploring new frontiers hand-in-hand with a hugely diverse group of partners.  >>

GLOBE and UNESCO Join to Support TTT in Lake Baikal World Heritage Site in Russia
From July 5 -13, GLOBE and UNESCO jointly sponsored a Train-the-Trainer workshop on the shores of Lake Baikal, Russia. The workshop was located in the village of Goryachinsk, about 4 hours from the Buryat capital of Ulan Ude on the eastern side of Lake Baikal. Participants arrived from both the eastern and western sides of the lake, and even included the Country Coordinator for Liechtenstein (Europe) and three South Korean teachers, who made the long journey to this beautiful, yet remote, site.  >>

GLOBE Teacher Training Workshop - Sinegorye, Kazakhstan
GLOBE Kazakhstan, the U.S. Peace Corps, ExxonMobil, and the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan were pleased to host a GLOBE teacher training workshop in the Almatinskii National Park outside of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The workshop was held from July 18 -22, and differed from many workshop formats in that the organizing committee was successful in raising funds to fully support the costs of the workshop including travel, room and board, and an intermediate GLOBE kit for all teachers. In addition, U.S. Peace Corps volunteers were paired with one or two teachers from their villages.  >>