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Land Cover Studies Pay Off in Arizona
Gary Campbell's Marana High School students demonstrate that a desert is anything but deserted. In fact, some deserts are getting relatively crowded. That's in part what Campbell's GLOBE class juniors and seniors found out when they recently completed a 100-square mile land cover project in the southern Arizona desert.  >>

Zoo-goers and Animals Watch as Teachers Learn GLOBE Protocols in Madagascar
Families of lemurs, those wide-eyed primates that live only on the island of Madagascar, joined zoo visitors in observing a recent international GLOBE workshop at the Tzimbazaza Zoo and Botanical Park's Educational and Environmental Center.  >>

Ghana's Lively Program Expands
More than 90 teachers from across Ghana convened for the country's first GLOBE Teachers Conference, which included a launch of the recently added ozone and aerosol protocols. Trainers and trainees also tested the deep red clay and sandy soils, which contrasted mightily with the equally deep greens of the area's vegetation.  >>

Find the Hidden GLOBE Students (Fair Haven Grade School, Fair Haven, VT, USA)
Where in the world are those other GLOBE students? That's the question three groups of students had about each other. They had to locate other GLOBE schools armed with just a handful of clues, including GLOBE data.  >>

Students Find GLOBE All Over
After just one year in the program, the Nancy Young Elementary School in, Aurora, IL, has neatly woven GLOBE into almost the school's entire fifth grade curriculum, including art, music and physical education! In addition to science activities centered on GLOBE atmosphere protocols, fifth-graders have created GLOBE posters and written and performed songs and dances about GLOBE.  >>

Science Meets History with Buffalo Soldiers
GLOBE students from five Louisiana schools have explored California's Yosemite National Park taking GLOBE measurements and following trails blazed by the famed "Buffalo Soldiers," historic African-American army units that explored the West.  >>

Swiss Schools Work Hard and Win
Sixty (60) GLOBE students and their teachers celebrated nine months of intense, competitive GLOBE measurement gathering and data entry with a day-long excursion to a farm high in Switzerland's Bernese Alps and the award of new computers. The goal of the competition was for 13 participating Swiss schools to collect as much hydrology or atmosphere GLOBE data during the nine months of the school year as possible and enter it into the GLOBE database.  >>

Italy, California Share Science and Cultures
The experience of being an exchange student can foster love of learning other languages and cultures. When GLOBE students add hands-on science they get memories, skills and knowledge that can last a lifetime. So too, for parents and teachers.  >>

Maine's Major Landcover Events
The rain in Maine falls mainly on...woodland, closed forest, apple orchards, and urban residential and transportation areas. You can see more precise landcover descriptions and classifications in the GLOBE database for that state, thanks to the efforts of recent GLOBE "MUC-a-thons" in Maine. A MUC-a-thon describes many students, teachers and schools coming together for large-scale landcover identification using the Modified UNESCO Classification (MUC) system.  >>

Florida's GLOBE Travelers
These Florida students have explored the rain forest of Costa Rica. They've collected data on that country's plants, leatherback sea turtles and insects. They've demonstrated GLOBE soil protocols to their student-colleagues at a Costa Rican GLOBE school. Back home, some developed their own science experiments. One captured honors at the county science fair.  >>