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Studying the Arctic
A group of GLOBE teachers, school principals and Country Coordinators from seven nations gathered recently in Fairbanks, Alaska to learn GLOBE protocols and to advance an international scientific investigation into whether and how much harmful chemicals from lower latitudes have seeped into the Arctic region.  >>

Views from Space Help Decipher Hometown
Sometimes the view from faraway space gives you information you can't easily obtain by looking just two feet in front of you. That's what the fourth-grade GLOBE students at Kohlberg Elementary School found when they compared up-to-date satellite images with historical satellite images, maps, and stories of their town, El Paso, TX.  >>

Young Scientists Impress News Media
GLOBE teacher Richard Muncy wanted to borrow a camera from Pigeon Roost Elementary resource department to snap photos of his 5th-grade GLOBE students at work. The school, impressed, called in local Kentucky newspapers to take the photographs instead.  >>

Partnerships Strengthen GLOBE Schools
Bowling Green University, a GLOBE Partner, works closely with Woodmore Elementary (Woodville, OH), Kenwood Elementary (Bowling Green, OH), and Perryburg High School (Perrysburg, OH) to increase the impact of the Program.  >>

Puerto Rico's GLOBE Leader "Stars"
Strengthening elementary school to university (K-16) collaborations has earned the GLOBE Program leader in Puerto Rico an impressive array of kudos-and financial support--from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other prestigious organizations.  >>

Panama's Rainforests, Mangroves Showcase GLOBE Workshop
Under a bright green jungle canopy and the watchful gazes of a tree snake and tiny, shy monkeys, 38 teachers, members of local volunteer groups, and government officials augured soil samples along the banks of a rainforest stream in Panama, Central America.  >>

Thailand GLOBE: Quick and Creative Start
Neither delays nor barriers have gotten in the way of GLOBE-Thailand's quick and creative start of the Program. Soon after Thai trainers attended the GLOBE International Training Conference in Nepal, they translated the entire Teacher's Guide and all the training charts into the Thai language.  >>

A Desert Also is a Teacher, AZ, USA
One doesn't usually think of deserts as "lush". Yet the Sonoran Desert running in the US through Southwest Arizona and part of California into parts of Senora and Baja, Mexico is among the most lush in the world.  >>

Highly Decorated Teacher Credits GLOBE for Her Success
Edna Escudero Boggess's second-grade classroom at Cambridge Elementary school in San Antonio, Texas is festooned with the flora and fauna of a tropical jungle. A native of Puerto Rico, this GLOBE teacher uses the rain forest theme to help her students understand their lessons in environmental health and ecological diversity.  >>

Dedicated GLOBE Students Are Partners in Science, Canton, OH, USA
Despite the image of white-lab-coated researchers toiling alone among bubbling flasks of mysterious liquids, real scientific research is conducted by all kinds of people in partnerships large and small. GLOBE teacher Marlene Bolea's fourth grader students know that first-hand because they view their own scientific work as partnerships among each other and with scientists around the world.  >>