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Puerto Rico's GLOBE Leader "Stars"
Strengthening elementary school to university (K-16) collaborations has earned the GLOBE Program leader in Puerto Rico an impressive array of kudos-and financial support--from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other prestigious organizations.  >>

Thailand GLOBE: Quick and Creative Start
Neither delays nor barriers have gotten in the way of GLOBE-Thailand's quick and creative start of the Program. Soon after Thai trainers attended the GLOBE International Training Conference in Nepal, they translated the entire Teacher's Guide and all the training charts into the Thai language.  >>

A Desert Also is a Teacher, AZ, USA
One doesn't usually think of deserts as "lush". Yet the Sonoran Desert running in the US through Southwest Arizona and part of California into parts of Senora and Baja, Mexico is among the most lush in the world.  >>

Highly Decorated Teacher Credits GLOBE for Her Success
Edna Escudero Boggess's second-grade classroom at Cambridge Elementary school in San Antonio, Texas is festooned with the flora and fauna of a tropical jungle. A native of Puerto Rico, this GLOBE teacher uses the rain forest theme to help her students understand their lessons in environmental health and ecological diversity.  >>

Dedicated GLOBE Students Are Partners in Science, Canton, OH, USA
Despite the image of white-lab-coated researchers toiling alone among bubbling flasks of mysterious liquids, real scientific research is conducted by all kinds of people in partnerships large and small. GLOBE teacher Marlene Bolea's fourth grader students know that first-hand because they view their own scientific work as partnerships among each other and with scientists around the world.  >>

Life-long Learners Help GLOBE Grow in The Netherlands
Six adult volunteers were trained in the GLOBE protocols recently in Bennekom, The Netherlands, so they can support GLOBE activities in their communities. The Dutch program aims specifically at training post-career adults who have enough free time to be able to assist GLOBE teachers and students. These volunteers - four men and two women-help school children to perform their GLOBE protocols, and - very importantly-- to enter their data on the GLOBE website for scientists and other GLOBE students to analyze.  >>

GLOBE Teachers Receive Presidential Honors
The fact that GLOBE teachers are standouts is evident - so often they pop up as recipients of awards. Again this year, a number of GLOBE teachers received the highly prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  >>

GLOBE in Spain Inspires Workshop for Environment
Teachers at the I.E.S. "Juan Carlos I" School in Murcia, Spain had long pondered a way to teach students critical thinking as it relates to environmental issues. Almost as if on cue, Spain became a GLOBE Country and some Juan Carlos teachers learned the endless possibilities of the hands-on science education program.  >>

Cedar Grove Wades Deep into GLOBE, Decatur, GA, USA
It might not be surprising to find scientists studying the wetlands and pine and hardwood forests near the South River and Sugar Creek in Georgia. You can picture them, in their hip-waders, talking via walkie-talkie, carefully taking down their measurements on waterproof data sheets. Later, in front of their computers, they'll make graphs from their data, compare each other's information, and look for long-term trends.  >>

Teachers Trained Amid Natural Beauty of Argentina
GLOBE teachers and students get to spend wonderful hours outdoors in their studies of science. There was a particularly spectacular setting for a special GLOBE training in the Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur, an ecological reserve in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  >>