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A Parent Keeps GLOBE Turning at Lake Windward Elementary, Alpharetta, GA, USA
A lot of GLOBE teachers appreciate the support they get from parents. At Lake Windward Elementary School, Colleen Jones is a standout in that category. Since 1997, Jones has been an inspiration for the fourth-graders at Lake Windward, in Alpharetta, GA, just north of Atlanta. She has worked with every child, parent and teacher at Lake Windward who has participated in GLOBE.  >>

GLOBE School Nets Prestigious Tech-Ed Award
GLOBE teacher Carol Boyce returned challenged and inspired last summer from two intensive weeks with GLOBE's principal visualization experts at the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA). Little did she know that in less than a year she would help her school achieve one of her region's most important teaching awards.  >>

The (Ground) Truth About Barksdale Students
Data from satellites aren't good enough by themselves so scientists need the fifth-grade students from Margaret G. Barksdale Elementary school in Conyers, GA, according to GLOBE teacher Marty Ross's sales pitch to her students.  >>

What a Dedicated Student Can Do....
The GLOBE teacher at Tabor Academy retired, but the GLOBE tradition there didn't have to. Thanks to Tabor senior Colin Haley, the departure of longtime science and GLOBE teacher Richard Harlow didn't end the school's stellar GLOBE record. In fact, his GLOBE-based senior project may help area officials and communities.  >>

GLOBE Reaches Great Heights in Nepal
More than 80 teachers, scientists and educators from eight Asia-Pacific countries came together at the GLOBE International Teacher Training Workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal to learn how to teach students program protocols and how the earth works as a system.  >>

Oberstufenzentrum Egelsee, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
The sun stirs the clouds and the wind. But as GLOBE students in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland are learning firsthand, it also has the power to light the night and run computers. Students at the GLOBE school Oberstufenzentrum Egelsee, with help from students from a nearby technical institute, recently installed 90 solar panels on the school rooftop.  >>

Wainwright Elementary, El Paso, TX and Jamestown Elementary, Arlington, VA, US
If you were driving across the southern tier of the United States recently, you might have seen a young couple on a bright red bicycle built for two festooned with yellow gear bags peddling from Santa Barbara, California to Arlington, Virginia.  >>

Young GLOBE Teachers Take Off with Hands On
A trio of GLOBE teachers, just completing their student-teaching stints, may be revolutionizing science education in a corner of the country. Tina Allen, Jenifer Burnes and Jesus Sustaita are keenly motivated to spark interest in science and technology in their home of Yakima Valley in eastern Washington. It is a rural area with high minority and migrant populations, where schools have few resources and where Bill Gates and the technology centers on the other side of the mountains in Seattle seem a world away.  >>

Reynolds Jr Sr High School, Greenville, PA, United States
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these GLOBE students from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Originally said about Persian message couriers in 500 B.C. and made famous by the U.S. postal service, that paraphrase suits the GLOBE students of Reynolds Junior/Senior High School in Greenville, PA.  >>

New Partners for Diversity and Outreach
Top educators from Howard University in Washington DC and Norfolk University in Virginia met recently at GLOBE headquarters to sign on as partners of the Program to commemorate Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week.  >>