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Jesse Stuart Elementary School, Madisonville, KY, United States
From gardening to quilting, students at Jesse Stuart Elementary in Madisonville, KY, are finding creative ways to demonstrate the lessons they learn in GLOBE. Through weekly weather forecasts, the students are also helping others in their school to better understand Earth's environment.  >>

Nolan Middle School, Killeen, TX, United States
Eighth gradeGLOBE students at Nolan Middle School in Killeen, Texas, have already learned something all scientists appreciate: collaboration is a key to success. They have also come to appreciate that consistency and accuracy are important when sharing data.  >>

Major Edwards Elementary School, West Boylston, MA, United States
Having trouble identifying cloud types? Check with the second-graders at Major Edwards Elementary School in West Boylston, MA. Under the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Sandra Ivins, these young scientists have become real experts in identifying cloud cover and type.  >>

Lowrey Elementary School, Tahlequah, OK, United States
Dedication and persistency have enabled GLOBE students at Lowrey Elementary School in Tahlequah, Oklahoma to record atmospheric data just about every day of the week for three years! Students in GLOBE teacher Jeff Lawrence's eighth grade science classes take turns checking measurements on weekends and holidays.  >>

Pattison Elementary School, Katy, TX, United States
With support from parents and local businesses, fifth grade students at Pattison Elementary are successfully implementing GLOBE throughout their school. In recognition of the school's success in garnering parental support, the GLOBE program at Pattison was chosen to receive $500 from the Exxon Chemical Company's "Science Ambassador" program  >>

Rural Hall Elementary School, Rural Hall, NC, United States
At Rural Hall Elementary School in Rural Hall, NC, kids are begging GLOBE teacher Linda McDermon to make and report GLOBE measurements. "The kids in computer club and the kids who live close by just love coming in the summer and doing their GLOBE measurements," McDermon said. "Kids drop by my house or we'll meet at the pond. And they beg to have extra time to do the different protocols."  >>

Foshay Learning Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Imagine being singled out as one of the best at what you love to do. This year, The Walt Disney Company honored Los Angeles GLOBE teacher and Franchise Coordinator John Zavalney as one of the United State's best science educators.  >>

Ms. Nancy Parson from Laing Middle School, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
GLOBE Teacher Nancy Parson believes that learning is a process of building or constructing a body of knowledge which leads to the understanding of concepts. As the winner of the Outstanding Earth Science Teacher of the Year in South Carolina, Ms. Parson finds that the GLOBE Program provides an opportunity to "change how a student uses science to solve problems."  >>

Enterprise Elementary School, Cocoa, FL, United States
While many young people were heading for the beach, a group of dedicated GLOBE students in Cocoa, Florida went back to school in June to share their GLOBE experiences with a group of visiting Swedish teachers.  >>

Akutan School, Akutan, AK, USA
On Sunday, March 13, GLOBE teacher Rod Rozier and his wife began feeling the earth tremor. By the next evening, the town of Akutan, Alaska was under an earthquake alert. Mr. Rozier and five of his GLOBE students became critical players in the community's efforts to monitor their environment. The U.S. Geological Service (USGS) set up an emergency operation at Akuktan School and the National Weather Service (NWS) turned to GLOBE students for measurements of wind and air temperature.  >>