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Akutan School, Akutan, AK, USA
On Sunday, March 13, GLOBE teacher Rod Rozier and his wife began feeling the earth tremor. By the next evening, the town of Akutan, Alaska was under an earthquake alert. Mr. Rozier and five of his GLOBE students became critical players in the community's efforts to monitor their environment. The U.S. Geological Service (USGS) set up an emergency operation at Akuktan School and the National Weather Service (NWS) turned to GLOBE students for measurements of wind and air temperature.  >>

Choctaw Tribal Chief Visits GLOBE Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA
GLOBE was honored to be visited by Choctaw Tribal Chief Phillip Martin on May 7, 1997, and to have an opportunity to discuss plans for implementing GLOBE at eight Choctaw Tribal Schools in Mississippi. This partnership represents the first institutional involvement of Native American schools in the program. Under the leadership of Chief Phillip Martin, this initiative will become a model for involving other Native American Tribes in the GLOBE Program.  >>

GLOBE Star of Argentina, Earthday 1998
GLOBE schools in Argentina celebrated Earth Day with a special guest, Dr. John Francis. A U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and a partner in the GLOBE Program, Dr. Francis has been walking throughout South America to talk with school children about the environment.  >>

GLOBE in Peru
Students in Peru are celebrating Earth Day with a special presentation at the TECHNOTRON fair in Lima, the capital city. The students from Fanning Secondary School will be taking practice measurements in maximum, minimum, and current temperature. Fanning will begin GLOBE activities at their school in May, as will five other Peruvian schools.  >>

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