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Phoenix Magnet Elementary School, Alexandria, LA, United States
A group of fourth-grade students from Louisiana are faithfully reporting their measurements and observations to the GLOBE Study Data Archive, but they aren't stopping there. GLOBE students at Phoenix Magnet School in Alexandria are taking their findings to City Hall and even to the Louisiana State Legislature.  >>

New Miami Jr./Sr. High School, Hamilton, OH, United States
After five years of participation in GLOBE, students at New Miami Junior/Senior High are significantly contributing to scientific research and improving their test scores at the same time! School officials report that nearly three-quarters of the students who participated in GLOBE either in seventh or eighth grade passed the Ohio science proficiency exam.  >>

Fairview Elementary School, Sylva, NC, United States
Students at Fairview Elementary School have proven themselves to be such professional young scientists, they are being recruited to teach teachers! The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, a GLOBE Franchise responsible for training many teachers statewide, has enlisted these talen ted youngsters to lead demonstrations as a regular part of their GLOBE Teacher Training Workshops.  >>

Stoneville Elementary School, Stoneville, NC, United States
In Stoneville, NC, there are a couple of teachers who are not only dedicated to GLOBE, but to each other as well. Bill and Joanne Knight are husband and wife teachers at Stoneville Elementary. Stoneville is a year-round school, so students have lots of opportunities to gather and report data, which has resulted in their being one of the highest data-reporting GLOBE schools!  >>

GLOBE in Montana
In an exciting new project, GLOBE schools in Montana are partnering with the regional offices of the U.S. Forest Service in an effort to increase understanding of the role and risks of fire in ecosystems. This fall, students will field test a special measurement protocol that will help scientists and land managers predict fire behavior.  >>

Fair Haven Grade School, Fair Haven, VT, United States
Had early American explorers known how to conduct GLOBE protocols, their expeditions may have yielded the wealth of information collected this summer by students from Fair Haven Grade School in Vermont. Eleven fifth and sixth grade students and four GLOBE teachers from Fair Haven spent five days kayaking on the Castleton River in an effort to survey the health and welfare of the ecosystem.  >>

East Lincoln High School, Denver, NC, United States
The local newspaper in Denver, NC, took front-page notice that students at East Lincoln High have been asked by scientists to test new measurement instruments for potential use in the GLOBE Program.  >>

Burlington County Institute Of Technology, Medford, NJ, United States
Recognizing that students also make good teachers, a new education center in Smithville, New Jersey is recruiting GLOBE students to help increase environmental awareness in the community. GLOBE students from the Burlington County Institute for Technology will volunteer at the Environmental Studies Center, teaching the GLOBE protocols to students visiting the center from area schools.  >>

Pine Elementary/Junior High School, Mountain Home, ID, United States
Imagine walking out your school doors into the middle of a thick forest with bears, bobcats, deer and elk possibly roaming nearby. It may seem unusual, but it's just another day at Pine Elementary and Junior High School - a one-room school house for students of all ages located 60 miles from the nearest town in Idaho.  >>

Jones Valley Elementary School
In Huntsville, Alabama, second and fifth graders are learning about how sophisticated satellite imagery and hands-on GLOBE measurements work together to provide a better understanding of local and global environmental features. On Earth Day 1999, students from Jones Valley Elementary and Williams Elementary School joined researchers from the Global Hydrology and Climate Center (GHCC) for a day of learning and fun.  >>

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