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Viitaniemen ylaaste, Jyvaskyla, Finland
Collaboration with schools at home and in other countries is helping the GLOBE students at Viitaniemen ylaaste in Jyvaskyla, Finland to increase their knowledge of both local and global environmental conditions.  >>

Gymnasium Baeumlihof, Basel, Switzerland
The contributions to science being made by GLOBE students at Gymnasium Bäumlihof in Basel, Switzerland were highlighted at a recent celebration of the school's 25th anniversary. The students presented posters and demonstrated GLOBE instruments and protocols before an audience of over 500 alumni and students.  >>

GLOBE Stars in Pakistan
The GLOBE Program in Pakistan got off to a strong start in June 1998 when students in Islamabad participated in a special GLOBE Web Chat held in celebration of World Environment Day.  >>

GLOBE Stars in Sweden
The GLOBE Program continues to flourish in Sweden, where teachers from fourteen new schools were trained in the GLOBE Program science and education activities in September 1998.  >>

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