Stars and STEM Stories


Teachers from Every Region in the Philippines Participate in Crucial GLOBE Zika Mosquito Protocol Training and Community Science Fair
From 29-30 September 2018, teachers from all 16 regions in the Philippines came together at the Skylight Convention Centre in Perto Princesa City, Palawan, to participate in the GLOBE Zika Mosquito Protocol Training and the GLOBE Community Science Fair – making it a nationwide training event.  >>
Students Across Ireland Measure Air Quality as Part of GLOBE Air Quality Campaign 2019
As part of the GLOBE Air Quality Campaign 2019, students from 30 schools across Ireland measured air quality at locations around their schools. Students measured nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – a principal pollutant from car exhaust emissions – during the month of February, and investigated the results and potential impacts on their health and well-being.  >>
Mosquitoes and The GLOBE Program: An Experience in Brazil´s Capital
Two projects were instantly born: testing if larvae can be killed with electrical impulses; and the creation of a virtual reality game in which children earn points in the GLOBE site when they mitigate larvae proliferation.  >>
GLOBE Students in Croatia Engage in Two-Year Study Tree Study
Beginning in 2017, under the guidance of their teachers, Marina Pavlić and Irena Sabo, students from the Prirodoslovna i grafička škola, Croatia, began a two-year study that focused on the overall health of ten trees in a large public park in their city, Rijeka. They wanted to determine what role the trees play in air pollution regulation in the urban area.  >>
GLOBE Thailand Engages in Series of 2018-2019 Trainings to “Shut Down Mosquito Population” and Reduce Threat of Mosquito-borne Disease
In September 2018, GLOBE Thailand engaged in a focused two-day training designed to teach more than 500 participants about the increasing threat of the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases – and how to engage in data collection to help reduce that threat. This training, in turn, led to several additional trainings that took place throughout the country in 2018-2019.  >>
GLOBE Asia and Pacific Orientation Seminar
The GLOBE Asia and Pacific Regional Coordination Office in collaboration with GLOBE Philippines organized a GLOBE Program School Orientation Seminar on January 31, 2019.  >>
GLOBE Japan Student Conference 2018
During the oral presentations, representatives from the 15 GLOBE schools presented their research related to their local environments.  >>
GLOBE Students' Journey to Wadi Rum with NASA's Charles Bolden
Wadi Rum, situated in southern Jordan, features a great variety of desert landforms including sandstone valleys, natural arches, gorges, cliffs, landslides and caverns. It was here, at a remote desert campsite, that GLOBE student Mohamad Fayed (of Irbid Jordan of the King Abdullah II School for Excellence), along with three fellow students, Sarah Al-Omari, Rima, and Ihab experienced a memorable encounter with a NASA astronaut.  >>
2018 Lake Pokhara Expedition Creates Platform for Successful Scientific and Cultural Exchange
The GLOBE Regional Coordination Office for the Asia and Pacific region, in association with Indian Environmental Society (IES), and in collaboration with Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA), organized an adventurous seven-day (02-08 October 2018) GLOBE Learning Expedition in Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal. The goal of the expedition was to create a platform for culturally diverse partiicpants to engage in a hands-on learning experience centered around understanding the effects of climage change in the region through the use of relevant GLOBE protocols.  >>
2018 GLOBE Taiwan Science Festival
For three days in July (20-22) the GLOBE Taiwan Office hosted the 2018 GLOBE Taiwan Science Festival in Taichung, Taiwan. 76 teachers and students from Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines participated in this event.  >>