GLOBE Data Exploration Learning Activities

These activities have an option to get students analyzing data in spreadsheets. The spreadsheet file (and an answer key) are listed below the activity description. Click on the filenames to download the spreadsheets.

Exploring Rainfall in the GLOBE Africa Region.pdf: Through explorations of GLOBE rain depth data from Africa, students learn about seasonal patterns in locations affected by monsoons. (middle and high school activity)

Comparing Croatia Climates.pdf: Through explorations of GLOBE atmosphere data from Croatia, students will build understanding of two climate zones. (middle and high school activity)

Investigating an Alaskan Spring Mystery.pdf: Students learn about the timing of spring budburst, develop multiple working hypotheses about why timing differs year to year, and test hypotheses using environmental data collected by GLOBE students in Alaska to come to a conclusion about the factors that most impact timing of budburst on paper birch trees. (middle and high school activity)


Don't forget to check out these other GLOBE Data Exploration Learning Activities that do not have accompanying spreadsheets:

Iowa’s Highs and Lows: Students interpret a frequency distribution of GLOBE temperature data to decide whether statements about the weather are accurate, citing the parts of the graph they used as the basis of their decision. (middle school activity)

Make a Climograph: Students learn how to construct, read, and analyze climographs and understand how climate differs from weather. (middle school activity)

Climate and Latitude: Students match GLOBE temperature data with its location given what they know about the relationship between latitude and seasonal temperature variations. (middle school activity)

GLOBE Data at Altitude: Through explorations of GLOBE temperature data from two nearby locations in Germany, students learn how temperature varies with altitude. (middle school activity)

Weather Tourists: Students build geography skills while learning how to find data using the GLOBE Data Visualization tool, sharing what they have learned in a tourism poster for a GLOBE school location. (middle and high school activity)

Rainfall and Health: Students learn about the relationship between three infectious diseases and rainfall in the country of Benin. (middle and high school activity)