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Hydrosphere Miscellaneous
Students learn to use a simple computer model to predict biomass, and carbon storage over time for any geographical biome. Can be done as a stand-alone activity or as a follow-up to conducting Carbon Cycle field measurements.
        Model Materials:        Link to Online Computer Model        Video Tutorial
                                                           Example Data Sheet (xls)        Biome Map
Biosphere, Carbon Cycle Learning Activities
Students will use a dual ring infiltrometer that they can construct from large food container cans to measure the rate at which water soaks into the soil during a roughly 45-minute period.
Pedosphere (Soil), Soil Infiltration Protocol Instructions
Pedosphere (Soil), Soil Infiltration Field Guides
Pedosphere (Soil), Soil Moisture - Sensors Field Guides
Pedosphere (Soil), Soil Temperature Field Guides
Students will construct a transparency tube to measure water transparency.
Hydrosphere, Water Transparency Protocol Instructions
Students will construct a secchi disk to measure water transparency.
Hydrosphere, Water Transparency Protocol Instructions
Instructions for building an atmosphere instrument shelter.
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Atmosphere Protocol Instructions
Atmosphere Data Sheets
Atmosphere Data Sheets
Students learn about plant pigmentation and photosynthesis while conducting simple investigations to demonstrate the presence of pigments other than chlorophyll in leaves.
Biosphere, Green-Up / Green-Down, Lilac Phenology, Phenological Gardens Learning Activities
Students interpret a frequency distribution of GLOBE temperature data to decide whether statements about the weather are accurate, citing the parts of the graph they used as the basis of their decision.
Air Temperature, Atmosphere Learning Activities
Students use the global carbon cycle diagram to make pencil and paper calculations of changes to carbon pools after a few years. They then explore a computer model to look at changes in carbon pools and fluxes over hundreds of years.
        Model Materials:        Link to Online Computer Model
Biosphere, Carbon Cycle Learning Activities
Students are introduced to the basic concepts of how water passes through soil in an activity which illustrates the scientific method. More advanced students investigate the effects of soil characteristics on water infiltration and the chemistry of water that has passed through soil
Soil Characterization, Soil Infiltration, Soil Moisture - Gravimetric, Soil Moisture - SMAP Block Pattern, Soil Moisture - Sensors, Soil pH Learning Activities