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Physico-chemical analysis and microplastic analysis in the Sava River

Organization(s):Srednja skola Petrinja
Student(s):Martina Marković, Sara Telbiz, Veronika Lasan,Marco Gelo, Sanja Kunštek, Karolina Šantić
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
Contributors:Petra Sekulić, Monika Puhalović
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report
Protocols:Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrates, pH, Water Temperature, Water Transparency
Date Submitted:10/23/2022
In this project, we investigated the growing problem of microplastics in our environment and its impact on the environment. We wanted to compare the amount of microplastics in the Sava River at the two locations. The aim is also to compare the amount of microplastics in the water downstream of the city of Zagreb - at two stations - in Rugvica and Sisak. In order to analyze the amount of microplastics, water samples were taken from the Sava River once a week in the period from September to November 2021. The obtained results show the presence of microplastics in the Sava River at both locations and confirm our hypothesis that more microplastics are present. downstream station - in Sisak. Physico-chemical analysis of water (pH, nitrates, nitrites and dissolved oxygen content) indicate decreased water quality of the Sava in Rugvica and Sisak..