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Soil Characteristics and Their Effect On the Quality of the Fruits of the Saudi Palm Plant.

Country:Saudi Arabia
Student(s):Adeeb Abdullah Altoraiqi Dhari Abdulaziz Aljabr
Grade Level:Middle School (grades 6-8, ages 11-14)
GLOBE Teacher:Swaeid M Al-Batel
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Alkalinity, Conductivity, pH, Soil pH
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Optional Badges:I am a Collaborator, I am a Data Scientist, I make an Impact
Date Submitted:01/14/2024
This research explores the influence of soil characteristics on the quality of Saudi date palm fruits within the context of Al-Zulfi City, Saudi Arabia. It addresses the impact of soil acidity, salinity, and conductivity on date palm growth, aiming to ascertain the correlation between soil properties and fruit quality. The primary research question focuses on how variations in soil characteristics affect the growth and quality of date palm fruits. The research objectives revolve around comparing soil properties in two distinct areas (Area 1 and Area 2) with identical water sources but differing soil types. It investigates the resultant effects on date palm fruit quality, emphasizing observations during the fruit ripening stage in August. Findings indicate a direct relationship between soil pH levels and fruit quality. Site 2, characterized by a higher pH (9.1), exhibited smaller-sized and more wrinkled dates (6.9 cm diameter) than Site 1 with better soil conditions, resulting in larger and less wrinkled dates. Recommendations emphasize the significance of farmers' awareness regarding soil characteristics before planting, advocating for suitable soil care practices. This includes appropriate fertilizer application, irrigation strategies, plant selection, and consulting agricultural offices for soil analysis to optimize crop production. In conclusion, the research underscores the pivotal role of soil properties, particularly acidity, in determining date palm fruit quality. Educating farmers about soil attributes is imperative to modify soil conditions for enhanced crop yield.