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The Mangosteen Fruit in Cha-Uat District, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Pa Phayom District, Phatthalung: Its Sweetness, Color, pH Level & Shell Characteristics

Student(s):Kodchamon Bunchudam Monkolrat Junnul Nutcha Chuayklay
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher:Pornpawit Tabchum
Contributors:Paninee Voranetivudti Pornpawit Tabchum Peeranart Kiddee Nantida Sutummawong Anantanit Chumsri Rommel De La Cruz
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Phenological Gardens, Soil pH
Presentation Video: View Video
Optional Badges:Be a Data Scientist, Make An Impact, Be a STEM Storyteller
Date Submitted:03/11/2022
This study on the fruit mangosteen was done by the researchers to learn the differences in sweetness, color, pH level, and pericarp characteristics in three (3) different areas. We also studied the concentration of the tannin substance and xanthone in mangosteen. For this research, the temperature and humidity were also measured. The chosen locations were the subdistricts of Ban Tha Samet, Ban Lan Na, and Ban Lan Khoi. Sixteen (16) plants by sampling were collected per area during the harvesting period in September 2021. Based on the research, all the mangosteen fruits changed from green (5GY6/10) to dark purple (5R 3/4) ten (10) days after harvest. The fruit was hard during days 1 and 2 but the hardness decreased on day eight (8) and increased again the day after. The temperature in Ban Lan Na’s box is 27.75 to 30 ℃ while in Ban Tha Samet’s box, it is 28.33 to 29.83 ℃, and Ban Lan Khoi’s box has a temperature of 27.25 to 28.67 ℃. The relative humidity in Ban Lan Na’s box is 89.14 to 95.71 %, Ban Tha Samet’s box has 88.29 to 93.00 % and Ban Lan Khoi’s box has 95.57 to 98.86 %. The level of sweetness is unstable. The sweetness of the fruits from Ban Lan Khoi is more valuable or higher than those from Ban Lan Na and Ban Tha Samet. The pH level is 3 from all areas. The highest concentration of tannin is found in Ban Tha Samet which is 29.7868 μg/mL and the highest concentration of xanthone is found in Ban Lan Khoi with 1040.35548 μg/mL. The correlation coefficient between temperature and relative humidity is 0.379 significant in 0.05 and the correlation coefficient between temperature and sweetness is -0.412 significant in 0.05.