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Garonne, a river under surveillance

Student(s):BAZILE Aurélien; BERNARD Alexandre; BERNARD Paul; BONHOMME Agathe; BOUYSSOU Paul; CAHUZAC Anthelme; CASTILLON Louis; CINTAS Lison; DE BLIC Julien ; DOUMENG Aurélien ; DZIKI Sami ;ESSOUKI Mathys ;GRISONI Cécile; HAUBERT Kyan; LARRIEU-LACOSTE Aurélie; LARRIEU-LACOSTE Julie; LEMARQUAND Augustin; MAGNAT Frédéric; MARCHAND Félicie; MAURIEGE Rémi ; NEDJARI Sabrina ; PUJOL Eléonore; VILLERS Noëlie ;
Grade Level:Middle School (grades 6-8, ages 11-14)
GLOBE Teacher:
Contributors:Pierre Lacroix (LAAS – CNRS de Toulouse) Danielle de Staerke (CNES ) Nina Seurin (CNES)
Date Submitted: 02/02/2018
global warming, rainfall, water level, water cycle, CNES

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We have chosen to study the problem of climate change on the hydrological cycle of the river that crosses our city: the Garonne.
First of all, we have been sensitized to this problem through the Adour Garonne file entitled "Garonne 2050", which warns about global changes in the Garonne basin, and on the need to monitor the water level in the Garonne.
As a first step, in order to verify the hypothesis of climate change, a group of students carried out a statistical analysis of climate data for the Toulouse agglomeration using data available on the website called of infoclimat and GLOBE data from our weather station.
CNES's Earth Observation Space Missions enable the acquisition of very important data to understand the climatic machine that forms the water cycle. A group of students studied the operation of the Jason 3 altimeter satellite.
Then, to monitor the Garonne level, and to check the satellite in-situ data, two groups of students conducted a project to construct a water level sensor using two different technologies.
One group chose to use a pressure sensor to measure water level and the other one chose to use an ultrasonic sensor.