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Healthy Freshwater Conditions for Turtles

Student(s):Hannah Thornton
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher:Benjamin Moran
Contributors:Ella Ware
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Nitrates, Water Temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen
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Date Submitted:03/01/2018
Red Eared Slider
Abstract Upper Lake’s location is less than a mile from our school. It’s a lake that locals visit frequently and is a home to various animals. It was observed at the lake that Red Eared Sliders are a common turtle. After researching, we came to a conclusion that Red Eared Sliders and Mary River turtles require similar water chemistry such as dissolved oxygen, pH, and Nitrogen. However, the Mary River turtle is endangered due to the lack of dissolved oxygen in its environment. WIth a series of tests and data collected at the lake, we wanted to find out if Upper Lake showed symptoms of possibly becoming an unhealthy lake based off the needs of the freshwater turtles and water chemistry. From our observations, we concluded that the Upper lake is a healthy lake that meets the requirements of freshwater turtles, based off Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrates, and pH. Future research is needed to expand our time limit to allow several years for collecting data, so that we can say with confidence that many generations of Red Eared Sliders could thrive in the ecosystem.


Hannah, I see that you have a real passion for these adorable, sometimes century-old animals, and this passion has led you apparently to this study. Let me tell you that you are doing well ... We must all help protect turtles: The Mary River Turtle and the Red Eared Slider in your case.

You may want to share your conclusions with your peers and community leaders in order to prevent any human action that can any human action that can disrupt or destroy this chemical balance of water.

Great Job and congratulations to your Teacher!