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The impact of vegetation cover on temperature .

Student(s):muhamd al-rashedi
Grade Level:Lower Primary (grades K-2, ages 5-8)
GLOBE Teacher:Falah Al-Harbi
Contributors:ali and firas
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report, Mission Earth Report
Protocols:Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure
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Date Submitted:03/01/2019
Abstract Vegetation cover plays an important and serious role on temperature and it also affects humidity over the landscape of our Earth .Vegetation cover relieves harmful and dangerous effects of temperature . Our environment is affected seriously by the rate of the vegetation cover over our landscape . Its effects are clearly shown through the kinds of the plants and trees we plant and grow . Our desert climate forced us to plant and grow plants and trees that can bear and live in high degrees of temperature . One of the well-know trees , that can bear and live in these high degrees of temperatures is palm trees. Palm trees were mentioned about 20 times in different locations . The home of palm trees is in Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf states, Morocco, Libya and Algeria, and the palm tree is one of the dioeciously plant . They are ones of the oldest trees that are planted by man because they are east to cultivate and they don't need unsustainable circumstances of air and climate to be cultivated. In this research paper we will also mention the role of palm trees in improving the degrees of temperatures and humidity in areas that have palm trees compared with areas that don’t have palm trees .