The effect of eco-friendly enbankments

Student(s):Arco Hollestelle, Eline van Toer, Thijs Wagenaars, Yzon Dorreman
Grade Level:Secondary (9-12)
Contributors:Wouter Quist
Date Submitted:05/17/2018

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The cause for this research is the fact that Waterschap Scheldestromen has spent quite some money on constructing eco-friendly embankments in recent years. They asked us to find out if the eco-friendly embankments indeed have a positive effect on the water quality and the flora and fauna there.

We came up with the main question “What is the effect of making a ditch eco-friendly on the levels of ammonium and nitrate in the water in comparison to a ditch with non-eco-friendly embankments?” To gather enough information to get to a conclusion we took monsters from 2 ditches, one with eco-friendly embankments and one without.

We analysed the water and measured the content of Ammonia and Nitrate. The results we found were not at all what we expected. But due to all the other factors involved, we can’t conclusively say if it works or not.


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